50th Anniversary Predictions and Favorites

I read an article recently about what was expected to be completed for the 50th Anniversary as well as Crowd Predictions for the 50th Anniversary. It mentioned that Oct 1st 2021 would be crowded (obviously) but that the weeks before in September would be relatively typical of September because everyone would be anticipating October.

Do you agree with that thought process about September 2021?

And, for fun, what new thing are you most looking forward to that will hopefully be completed for the 50th Anniversary?


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If there is a good treatment and/or vaccine by then, I think the built up demand for Disney in Fall 2021 will be huge. In my opinion, September 2021 will be busier than normal Septembers.

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I’m fairly certain that 50th anniversary plans are in the proverbial toilet at this point.
Really crummy.


Womp woooomp :frowning:

The “official” Disneyland 60th Anniversary Celebration started on May 22, 2005 and did not till September 5 ,2006.

Any guesses on when the"official" WDW 50th Anniversary Celebration will start and end?