50th Anniversary Ornament Quality

Just wanted to share that the quality of the anniversary ornaments are questionable at best and a warning to steer clear. This was damaged from being carefully wrapped at the store at Disney springs and carried home in our carryon luggage. I asked shopDisney and the store I bought it from and they said no replacements, returns or exchanges.

Hopefully the glue with do it, but definitely not impressed.


Super glue should do the trick…but that’s terrible, regardless…especially since the weight of the ornament clearly requires those feet of Mickey’s to stay firmly embedded!

I’m a little shocked they won’t replace it. Usually Disney is all about ensuring you are satisfied, and have been known to send replacement mugs, etc., if they break in transit.

Count this as yet another strike against the “new and improved” Disney.


I know it’s not the point, but thick CA glue is god-tier and sets in a few seconds. (I use it in my wood shop)


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