50th anniv park days... everyone pretty much has the same plan, right?

The accepted best plan for the 50th Anniversary is to be in MK on the 1st and Epcot on the 2nd, right? I mean, the days leading up to may be different for people, but those two days are generally accepted as the correct way to play it. Does anyone have a reason to do anything different?

Pretty much.

The only reason to go to epcot on the 2nd for the day is to try for Remy, so if you got another trip in the future, you can likely even bail on that and just park hop over for harmonious (Buuuuut there will be risk of capacity cap.)

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I am actually skipping MK and EPCOT on the first because we only have one full day at each and I want to have a chance at riding/doing as much as possible.

So we are doing…

1st - AK
2nd - MK
3rd - DHS
4th - EPCOT

This gave us the best options as far as predicted crowd levels. We will be in MK for a few hours on the 30th and will be watching the new Enchantment fireworks from CG on the first.

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Well, the other reason to stay in Epcot all day, as is the case for my 14 yo son, is to hit all of the food booths from Food and Wine. Since there are some that aren’t opening until the 1st.

Then your plan is totally solid.

I’ll take 2 orders of Brazilian Cheese Bread, please. Address for shipping to follow. :slight_smile:


Sounds like a great plan if you don’t mind not being in MK on the 1st. For my family, that is the priority on this trip.

Not that I’m not thrilled to be at WDW that weekend, but this trip is tagged on after a conference I am attending so the timing was coincidental.

Haven’t visited since 2018 so need to see all the things and only have four full days (and part of two days) so need to balance our time wisely! :sunglasses:

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We’re doing MK on the 1st, HS on the 2nd, and EP on the 3rd. Our thought was everyone is doing MK and EP on the 1st and 2nd so maybe easier to get a BG for Rise and also maybe easier to get on Remy too.


I get that. You definitely have a solid plan. I just wouldn’t be able to do it, haha. My youngest son and I are a little obsessed and have been planning on being in MK on that day for a few years now. And, we are leaving on the 3rd because we have to get them back to school, so we have to be in EPCOT on the 2nd.

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That TP sounds incredible.

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