50's drive in or Sci fi?

What do you like about each one?

I enjoy both, and the highlight at either is probably the milk shakes. Both are really fun experiences, and while there are some good dishes at SciFi, they tend to be burgers and sandwiches (much better than CS versions). Everything at 50s is pretty good. The main downside to 50s is the experience really can boil down to the CM and your willingness to interact, while at SciFi the video is always fun. Honestly, for us it came down to available ADRs for our next trip and who had better times.

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Sci-Fi is our must do for lunch at HS. It is quiet, cool, and dark which may not sound like something great…but I can assure you, it is the perfect break from the sun and crowds in the park. It’s like an hour to recharge your batteries. Love it! And the food is pretty good too! We haven’t tried 50’s though, the menu seems very heavy to us (meatloaf, fried chicken) and I don’t want that weighing me down in the parks.

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I agree with Wahoohokie - the Sci fi is quiet, cool, and dark. It is a nice respite from the park. We only had dessert there so I can’t say much about the food. It was pricey… but worth it for the experience. Be aware that you only get to sit in the cars if you have reservations. Others sit in picnic tables at the back. Service was great as well.
I did not enjoy the 50’s Prime Time Café. It was just the opposite - loud, chaotic, and busy. I did not enjoy getting yelled at while I ate. Food was just ok. Our server was more interested in the “act” than getting our orders. Took us forever to eat there because she kept forgetting things and getting our order wrong. Everyone around us was frustrated. I will not eat there again.
I much prefer the atmosphere of the Sci -fi.

I really enjoy 50s. I’ve had very good service there, with just enough of the “act” to be fun, but not overbearing. The fried chicken is some of the best I’ve had anywhere - and I live in the South. I am of an age that all of the kitsch in the theming is very similar to the kitsch that was in the kitchens of my Aunts, neighbors, and friends’ mothers. And I remember watching a good number of the TV shows that play on the B&W TVs… If I didn’t have that nostolgic grounding, I might not like the atmosphere as much.

I’ve only looked into Sci-Fi, so other than saying the theming is pretty cool (and I’m sure I would have liked it better as a kid), I cannot really comment.

Between the two I’d choose Sci-Fi. I love all the details in Prime Time, but the movies are so silly and fun to watch at Sci-Fi. And I’m so glad Wahookie stressed the cool, calm atmosphere at Sci-Fi. It’s so calm in there, it’s like a cool oasis on a hot day! Prime Time is bustling, always. Honestly neither menu is that thrilling for me. The burger is the best thing I’ve had at Sci-Fi. Fried chicken, meatloaf and pot roast are very homey and good, but not really very interesting.
Now I’m hungry and I’d take either one. You can’t go wrong!

50’s just does not appeal to me so I am no help there.

Sci fi pros:

Dark and cool (perfect for a hot day)
Atmosphere is A++ (cheesy fun).
Decent servings

Things to consider (possible cons):
Honestly the food is just okay. I made some apps into a meal and it was tasty enough.
The car tables are fun but they accommodate 6 adults (roughly) in a car or two per bench. They all face the same directly so there will be little family conversation.
Smaller parties my have to share cars. I had to share with a family of two adults and 3 kids. The two older kids sat in the front. Mom and dad sat behind them with their toddler. This was no issue for me… until the little one started grabbing things off my table and throwing them out of the car. The parents were very apologetic and I doubt this happens often. I didnt let it phase me.

I think everyone should visit Sci fi at least once to try it for themselves : )

50s Prime Time has always been great until our last trip. I love the 50s atmosphere and the role-playing that goes on in there…especially when you get a waitress who’s really into it. the food was always delicious and it was just a great atmosphere… On our last trip, we ordered something new (the stuffed pork chop). We received it in 90 seconds. I’m not exaggerating. 90 seconds. I told my wife “Clearly the food was reheated…”) I tried to cut into the pork and it was dry as dry can be. It tasted like it was made that morning…and it was almost definitely nuked. Just terrible. I’ve never been served microwaved food at a table service Disney restaurant before…and now, due to the disgusting food I received, I’ll never eat there again.

Sci-Fi Dine In has great atmosphere and it’s a lot of fun. But the food is and always has been overpriced and mediocre. Not good at all really. If I had to choose between the two, I would choose 50s…but I would MUCH rather go to Mama Melrose or Brown Derby then eat at either of these choices.

We love Sci Fi. We travel in August, so the cool, dark atmosphere is heavenly. Our food has always been good. We tried 50s for the first time last August. Food was ok. Portions are enormous. Our hostess was delightful. I prefer Sci Fi.

Amazing how these two have almost completely “flipped”.
This poser a couple of years ago would have gotten raves for 50’s & thumbs down for Sci-Fi, mostly due to the food at Sci-Fi, because the atmosphere hasn’t changed there much at all, as far as I can tell.

As for my personal experience… the 1st time I ever visited 50’s PT, I thought it was amazing with the acting & atmosphere & the food was good & the s’mores were over-the-top good, as were the shakes. This was a long time ago. After that, it was a “must-do” for us.

Next time, it was still great, but it wasn’t as “novel” & the food wasn’t that great.

Last time, the server didn’t over-the-top-role-play as well & the food was lackluster.

Maybe it was the novelty that sold it the 1st time?
Not sure, to be honest.

It’s still a hit w/the kids, and if they could re-create that 1st experience, it’s a “must-do”.
But they haven’t.
Worth doing at least once, I’d say.

For Sci-Fi, the Reuben sandwiches were excellent; the shakes average.
But it’s really the atmosphere that sells it for me.

My 2 cents… maybe all it’s worth. :wink:

We struggled with the same dilemma and decided that we want to try both on our upcoming trip. We’re going to have an early lunch at Prime Time, hit Sci-Fi for a shake and late afternoon snack, and then eat dinner elsewhere.

I agree. I like both MM and HBD better than 50s. I don’t go all that often, so I’m hesitant to try new when I have two known favorites. But I’ve promised myself that I would try sci-fi soon…

I can’t imagine eating at 50s , then Sci Fi, having a shake at either place, and being hungry for dinner. I warn you in case you’re planning ADRs.