50's Diner vs Sci-Fi Drive In

I have an ADR for the 50’s Diner but am wondering about SciFi Drive as an alternative. What do you think? I have young children and thought the banter at the 50’s diner would be fun. Versus the drive in would be more quiet…just sit and watch movies while dining. Both look fun. I would have to try and make the switch in the 24 period before we visit HS as SciFi is currently booked up.

How old are they? I might keep 50s depending on the ages. I like SciFi, doing it again for my next trip, but it doesn’t always make sense. Our first time the kids hated it because the movies scared them. Also the seating is like a car, so you are sitting some in front of the other so there is not any family conversation going on.

We return to Sci-Fi again and again, but 50s was meh for us. We all like the food at Sci-Fi. Plus it never feels rushed. It’s great for lunch on a hot day.

My kids are: DD 3, DS6, DD8, and DD10. 50’s and SCiFi are both booked for lunch and dinner at this times. In order to switch to SciFi I have to hope someone will drop their reservation. I am sure walkup is difficult unless there is a sudden rain shower to lesson the crowd. I will keep an eye on last minute ADR’s for SCiFi and if nothing comes up we’ll stick to 50’s.