500 days out booking

I plan taking the family in October of 2021 or 2022, I know you can book “room only” reservations 500 days out but my question is once Disney releases the packages for those dates can I add tickets, dining etc to my room only reservation or would I need to cancel and rebook?

If it’s room only, you can add tickets/dining to your reservation at any time but it changes the details of your booking to a “package”. You have to pay a different deposit amount and cancellation/final payment details are different for packages. Only if you change dates, room type, or apply a discount that comes out later does it actually change your booking.

You can convert a room-only reservation to a package, but as I understand it, they technically cancel your room-only res and refund the deposit (which is cost of the first night’s stay for room-only bookings), then immediately rebook the same room as a package and charge you the $200 deposit for the package.

Unless things have changed, that’s what happened when I did just what you are planning on doing last year.

In theory, I’ve heard there is the risk of someone else booking your room in the few seconds that the phone agent drops and immediately rebooks it. Can anyone confirm that? For that reason, I’ve heard it’s best to do this at an odd time when few people are booking.

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When is early October usually released? I went in November of 2018 and I remember having to wait a few months after early to mid 2018 was released.

For 2020 packages, I’m pretty sure they were released sometime in June 2019. I’m pretty sure the date they release packages changes every year though.

eta: just checked my own 2020 package res, which I booked as soon as it was released, and yes it was mid-June.

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That’s a good idea. I booked 11/24/18 on 7/27/17. So early to mid June is correct

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