50 Things You've Never Done at Disney

So, about a month ago, AJ from DFBGuide posted the following video:

I watched it last night, figuring I’ve done a few of them.

To my surprise, there wasn’t a single item on the list that I’ve done! I’m sure some of you here have…but I’m curious how many you all have done from this list.

So, if you’ve watched the video, how many of these “things you’ve never done” have you actually done?

Me? Zilch. (Although, one of them we kind of sort of have attempted to do…so, perhaps I can get a half point there?)


A Shenkel list! @shenkel should get royalties! I don’t have time to watch it right now but I did achieve a rare triple-Shenkel on my last trip. There are probably hundreds more things I haven’t done.


Is there a different wake-up call that you pay for? Because I definitely had Mickey (and Stitch, and Pooh) wake-up calls before.

I’ve explored the Tree of Life carvings.

Had a hands-on animal encounter.

Technically I had “secret menu” stuff at Skipper’s, but they are inclusive now and those things are “Chef Specials”. Which I like better. I hate the insider/outsider thing that “secret menus” set up.

Left Disney World. Sea World was done years ago. We’ve done multiple meals off property on family trips.

Up close and personal with dolphins - I did Dolphins in Depth.

Gone backstage on three different tours.

I’m doing Capture Your Moment in 3 weeks.

I will NEVER do a Segway tour. I did one in Miami and I was NOT made for Segways.


I suppose I have done this. Just wasn’t thinking of it in that way. Since we have typically stayed off property, we would do Disney during the day, and then back to the house, or eat elsewhere. But I guess I was thinking that during your Disney trip, you made a specific destination of something else outside of Disney, which is why I didn’t count it.

But, hurray. I can count one.

I’ve sort of explored Tree of Life carvings in that I’ve noticed them when we were around the tree. But never really set aside time specifically for that purpose.

And, we have attempted to explore every bit of Epcot World Showcase…but haven’t yet succeeded in doing so. Last trip was probably the closest we’ve come.


Good video. If anyone wants just quick reference to the list, this was in the youtube comments:

Very few of these for me: birthday pin and cake, explore carvings, celebrity sightings (only if you consider the vlogger Tim Tracker a celebrity lol, was nice to talk to him for a minute on Main St.), dinner with rare characters (maybe, if Prince Charming at 1900 PF counts as rare). I’m not one to pay for too many upcharged things on top of the expensive trip already or want to take much time away from jumping from attraction to attraction in the parks, so I’m not surprised by my lack of these experiences.


rented boat
horseback riding
carriage ride
surrey bike
Mickey wake-up call
pool party
searched for animals tree of life (although sure I haven’t seen them all)
Left Disney World
Gone bowling
Gone back stage (if behind the seeds tour counts)

DH really wants to do the Amphicar next time (and is willing to pay for it :slight_smile:


Only one maybe two for me - celebrity sighting - John Ratzenberger years ago at Narcoossee’s having dinner at a table near us. The second one was seeing Dreamfinder from the Figment ride and getting his autograph and taking a picture. Not sure if that counts as a non-Disney character?

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Most of those don’t interest me at all. I’ve done a few.

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I’ve looked through the animal carvings on the Tree of Life for every trip I have been to since AK opened. We have seen new animals every time. I’ve done character meals and breakfasts, so I guess there would be rare characters there?

Used the Play Disney app in Galaxy’s Edge
Taken advantage of free souvenirs
Searched for animals in the tree of life carvings
Had a hands on animal encounter
Had a celebrity sighting
Gone backstage
Taken a private tour

(The bottom 3 were from when Disney gave us a free trip including a vip tour guide because my brother was in the Christmas parade)

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Here are the ones you might say I’ve done:

  • Star Wars PlayDisney app
  • Met a non Disney character
  • Free souvenirs
  • Searched for animals in Tree of Life carvings
  • Hands on animal encounters (Rafiki’s petting zoo count?)
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Haircut, customized celebration pin, free souvenirs, searched tree of life, and photo shoot.

If I’ve done others, I don’t recall. I guess I did leave the parks, so add that to the list.

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Both of my daughters had their first haircuts at Disney. Other than that, mostly just the customizable pins for celebrations and free souvenirs. And I think the Mickey (or Stitch?) wake-up calls.

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I’ve done 12, but don’t have time to list them all. Most have a (considerable) add-on price and although they might be fun to do, not for what they are charging.


I make it 10, I assume there are more scenarios on ST since our last trip in Aug 2019 but I think we’d seen them all at that time so call it an extra half point.

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haircut - Dd got “pixie dust” during her 7th birthday trip
watch fireworks from boat - MK Fireworks from a Pontoon boat. One of our favorite WDW experiences EVER!
wake up call from Mickey!!
customized cakes! - Ordered cakes during dd’s 7th birthday trip. Cindy’s Slipper dessert and a white chocolate castle cake
take advantage of free souvenirs - Always!
searched for animals in tree of life carvings
hands on animal encounters
experienced nightlife - It has been a while, but Adventurer’s Club was one of the best WDW nightlife options. Still sad that it is gone.
ordering secret drinks or food - Ice cream nachos at Disneyland’s Golden Horseshoe
left Disney world - We tend to stay in the bubble but did venture out occasionally over the years.
backstage - Marched down Main Street in 1987 with my drum & bugle corps. We saw a ton of backstage, including the “secret” CM door we were told to use when it was time to get ready for the parade!
private tour - Did Walk in Walt’s Footsteps at Disneyland. Excellent tour! A few WDW tours are on my bucket list.

I will add that there are a TON of things that are on that list that we have no interest in whatsoever.

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Thanks for the list! I was too lazy to rewatch the show :joy:
Renting a boat
Horseback riding
Star Wars perks with the app (is this playing with the app in Batuu?, then yes)
Customizable pin
Surrey bike
Hot air balloon
Explored all of world showcase pavilions
Free souvenirs
Searched for animals in tree of life
Hands on animal encounters
Experienced nightlife
Dinner with safari
Left Disney world
Culinary demonstration
Private tour

So 16

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This made me laugh so hard! When I was 10 they let us rent jet skis (I think at the Contemporary or downtown Disney) I was with my twin 12 year old cousins and we ended up getting kicked off for “misbehaving” I’m just saying if you rent jet skis to 10 and 12 year olds with no parents in sight what do you think is going to happen? We were racing and trying to do tricks…we had gone to see the water show with the hatfields and McCoy’s​:joy::joy::joy::joy:totally forgot about this until this thread!


OK put me down for: 1.
I did leave Disney.

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  1. Renting a boat
  2. Star Wars Perks with the free app
  3. Customizable pins for celebrations
  4. Dinner with rare characters
  5. haircut
  6. watch fireworks from a boat
  7. wakeup call from Mickey!!
  8. pool party
  9. Explored all world showcase pavilions
  10. met a non-Disney Character
  11. take advantage of free souvenirs
  12. searched for animals in the tree of life
  13. experienced nightlife
  14. experienced every scenario on star tours
  15. ordering secret drinks or food
  16. left Disney World
  17. Bowling

I have done 17! The most memorable was doing a Star Wars weekend where a friend and I made a detour during a work trip to Boston. We were determined and rode star tours 9 times. This was before that started forcing the flight to always be some sort of advertising for episodes 7-9.

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