5 people in DVC studio

Does anyone have experience with five people in a studio at WL or beach club? We are considering renting DVC points for a trip in May. Me, DW, DD’s 5,11,14. Is it comfortable enough with enough room for clothes storage. Just a 4-5 night trip. We are staying at ASMU family suite in October and looking for a different experience other than a moderate for our next trip. Thanks.

It will be quite tight but you might like to try the Poly - their DVC Studio deluxe suites have 1 and 1/2 baths! That really helped us! Also, have you thought about a 1 bedroom villa or are you sold on the idea of a studio?

We were in a studio at SSR. Good for 3. Pull out sofa bed good for son as teen. Could work for 2 young children.

I stayed in a DVC Studio at BLT with 3 Adults, a 5 year old and a almost 2 year old in a Pack and Play. BLT studios are tiny to begin with, and we we all over each other. I would definitely advise getting a 1 bedroom if you can. If the 5th person is over 2 years old, I’m not sure they would even allow 5 people in a studio. I’d double check that to confirm.

They will not supply bedding for 5th person in BC studio