5 days with the Mouse. Help planning?

I’m going to Disneyland Resort for 5 days. I plan to spend on day in DCA as last time I went I was not impressed and think one day is enough. For the 4 other days what do you suggest? Sticking to a “land” a day? Doing all the things every day? Anything I really must not miss? I’m open to suggestions

My DL trips are typically 3 days; one focusing on each park and the third split between the two to catch what I may have missed the first day and to redo other things. DL is my hands-down favorite of the 6 US parks, but I’m not certain how I could spend 4 days in just that park, even with re-rides - unless you plan on long resort breaks in the middle of each day. With that kind of time, a “land a day” (with NOS attached to either AL or FrL) would be one approach - but if you hit the park right at RD, you’ll probably be done by lunch time on most days (FL, coupled with ToonTown may take a little longer). If I had 5 full days, I would split it 3 DL and 2 DCA, but I happen to really like the more relaxed feel of DCA, and I like the food options better.

Oh and I struggled in DCA. I rode Ariel 4 times in a row since I was bored and saw Aladdin twice… all in one day. I’m a slow walker and I like to get autographs when I can. I’ll try splitting the park up AL, NOS, FrL one day and FL, TL, possible Toontown the other… then I can go back and hit anything again if I want the other two days.

I would take one day at DCA, with a nice break in the middle of the day. With the other days, I would just take a leisurely pace and see everything. You should be able to do that with 4 whole days. I would hit the headliners every day, then the other rides at a leisurely pace.

While working with the touring plans I seem to be done at the parks by around 5pm. I’m trying to take it easy since the last time I went 4yrs ago I was super sore, tired and cranky every day and dead to the world by 8pm. I figure if I do a little each day and just stroll I will make it thru the whole 5 days. :slight_smile: