5 days till ADR- opinions

13th E L -Beaches/Cream(are they seating outside at those 2-3 tables near the door? D- Beirgarten(Son’s request)
14th AK L Yak/Yeti Local Food QS , D DS Boathouse (is arriving at DS 5pm on a Sunday good?)
15th HS L Baseline Tap House, D Cape May or Ale and Compass
16th MK L Tomorrowland Terrace, D Tonys (will request outside early in day)
17th E L Booths, D Rose and Crown(will request outside early in the day)
18th HS L Fairfax, D Mama Melrose
19th MK L Sleppy Hollow or Pecos Bills, D California Grill or open to other
20th E/DS(leaving day-10pm flight) DS Polite Pig, Poss Brunch at Olivias at OKW

Any suggestions?

I don’t think Cape May is open yet.

Thank you, I wasn’t sure, so I will book ale and compass. If it does open…then I could switch. It is March…so maybe???

Unfortunately, I doubt they would open Cape May before the rest of the resort opens May 30, but that’s just a guess. I wouldn’t count on it for March.

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You could be right, I know the DVC is open…just being extra hopeful. Thank you for date…can add to my summer trip

Yak and Yeti is one of our favorite QS! You may know already, but Baseline tap house is a lounge. Depending on your traveling party it might not be enough food. It’s not like the lounge at Brown Derby or Abacadabar or even Nomad. Those places have a pretty good menu with some nice small plates. Baseline pretty much just has the charcuterie and it’s not very big.

The tables outside beaches and cream are just first come first serve for people using the beaches and cream to go walk up window. There is no wait service outside the restaurant

Thank you good to know

Yes I think it will be a snack day

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