5 days out, pictures at epcot, and Minnie vans


Hi all, were 5 days out and sooo excited! Staying at the poly, lake view dvc deluxe studio....room request for 3rd floor faxed. All my meals are scheduled, plans made...not much left to do. Packing is mostly done too.
We booked the fine art photography session at epcot at 7:45 on a 9 am park open day, very excited about this. I'm wondering if anyone has done this and what your experiences have been if so? I'm planning to start in Italy and work our way to Canada. Hoping we'll have enough time to get pics in several locations.
Also, since we have to meet the photographer at international gateway at 7:45, we're planning on using the new Minnie van service. I downloaded the lyft app, but do I just book at the time? I'm a planner so was hoping to have our ride lined up in advance. Has anyone used this service before and can you share your experiences if so?
Thanks so much :hugging:


I have never heard of the fine art photography session. Is that something specifically done during the food and wine festival or does it occur throughout the year?


Fine Art Photography is Disney's professional photography business. You can purchase packages to go inside the parks before opening to have family portraits done.


As far as the Minnie Van service goes, we found that it recommends you book it when you are at the pickup location. I got to the point that I would start the process when walking out of our room and then finish it up in the lobby at WL. They use your location to find you. I really did not see an option with the Minnie Vans to book ahead of time. I think they are just in such a high demand that you really have to book the moment you need it.


You may want to try this promo code in the Lyft app. Not sure if it works with Minnie Vans, but it will certainly work with their other service levels: AWTP2017


We have a Fine Art Photograohy session booked for December. Please report back on how it goes and who your photographer was.
As for the Minnie Vans, Give yourself enough time for them. We tried to use one for EMM last week and none were available. This was at 7:05am. The Lyft App kept searching for one and by the time it found one, the bus showed up. Fortunately, I was aware of this and had built in enough time and we were at M.K. by 7:35am. But just know that the mornings are the most popular time for the service and that it may not be available when you need it. There are currently only 27 Minnie Vans.


That being said, you can probably order a regular Lyft or Uber (but just remember about Car Seats for the kids, if you need them!)


Thank you!


Thank you. We did a fine art photography sessions a couple of years ago at the poly and it was awesome! Our photographer was Ty. He was super. I ended up with over a hundred photos and too many good ones to choose a favorite! We have never done this in the parks though so I'm really excited to see how it goes. I'll keep you posted :+1:


We used the Minnie Van service 3 times our recent stay. The Lyft app will not let you reserve it ahead of time. You need to be ready when you reserve it. At that time in the morning, you should have no problem. Have a great trip!!!


Thank you!