5 best restaurants to eat at?

5 best restaurants to eat at are???

Can you provide more details:

  • adventurous eaters or not?
  • ages?
  • interested in character meals?
  • price range - table service or counter service?
  • in-park or resort preference?
  • size of party?
  • trying to see fireworks from dinner?

This is so subjective. As @Tobybowen said, telling us more about your party will be very helpful in making recommendations. If you’ve got a three year old, suggestions will be different than for a group of thirty-somethings. There are certainly restaurants that are better than others, but there’s no real “best”. For example, I’ve heard that the food at Hollywood and Vine is awful. However, it’s the only place to meet some of the Disney Junior characters. Some people view it as one of the best restaurants for their family because they have kids who enjoy those characters. I’d never eat there in a million years because those characters simply don’t matter to me.

So. Any more deets on your group?

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“Best” means different things to different people. Based on food quality only, I would say V&A, CG, Jiko, Monsieur Paul, and AP. Le Cellier, HBD, and Citrico’s are all close runners-up. But these are all signatures and are quite expensive.

For non-signature, based on food quality only, I would say Sanaa, VN, BG, Raglan Road, and Boma. TH, MM, and 50s would be my runners-up.

For “atmosphere”. CG, San Angel Inn, BG, BOG, 50s PT/Sci-Fi (tie). Sanaa (daytime), Marakesch, and Y&Y would be my runners-up.

As you can see, best food and best atmosphere do not often intersect. If I had to choose the 5 that I thought were the best balance between food and atmosphere, I would go with CG, Sanaa, BG, Raglan Road, and 50 PT. AP, HBD, and Y&Y would be my runners -up.

I avoid CMs, so cannot do a comparison there, but I will say that I enjoyed lunch at TH; good food, OK atmosphere, and fun character interaction.

I eat very little CS food in WDW, so I don’t feel that I can fairly pick 5 “best” options.

Of course the hands-down winner of “best of the best” dining experiences in WDW is the V&A Chef’s Table, but I think you have to be a pretty serious “foodie” to fully apprecuate that (very expensive and difficult to reserve) experience.

If you have more specific questions, I’ll be happy to provide more specific answers.


my wife and I, 2 twin girls that will be almost 5, probably do 1 or 2 character meals, did chef mickey last time, kids are a bit picky, wife and i can try anything, dont care if in park or at resort, ill be there 10 nights so i can do anything if need be,

i was thinking akerhaus house breakfast because of the princesses, narcosses, rose and crown, raglan road, maybe ohana,


Your kids would probably like the entertainment at Raglan Road, they have Irish step dancers. Ohana has been getting mixed reviews lately, especially for dinner. Akershus is, I believe the easier to get of the Princess meals. If they’re big Cinderella fans, perhaps consider 1900 Park Fare for dinner? I haven’t been for dinner, but if the food quality is anything like breakfast, you’ll be fine. Plus it’s one of the few places (only place?) you can meet Prince Charming. Raglan Road timed right can give you a view of Illuminations, which might be especially convenient with kiddos. Can’t speak to Narcoossee’s at all, sorry.

If you’re spending time at DHS, maybe 50s Primetime Cafe or Sci Fi? As I understand it, 50s has better food, but they both have really fun environments that I think kids would love. I really like Cape May Cafe for breakfast. It’s a character meal. Good food, and the characters are in their beach attire. On a 10 day trip, a late morning would probably be a good idea. Perhaps breakfast there, then heading over to Epcot for the later portion of the day would work for you.

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For my husband, daughter (age 5), and myself, our favorites are Ravello (for breakfast), bluezoo, Sanaa, The Wave, and Raglan Road. (With an asterisk that Victoria and Albert’s was the best meal my husband and I have ever had.)

Agreed, on bluezoo! Second best meal I’ve had in my life; number 1 spot is still held by Jiko.

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