4th of July weekend crowd calendar

Are crowds not that bad during the July 4th weekend? The crowd calendar is showing 5’s (and a 4) for the Friday through Monday of July 4th weekend. That seems low since Disney is charging more for tickets on those days.

We were planning a mid June trip, which turned into a late June trip… and now possibly bumping up against the July 4th weekend.


Most likely that crowd prediction is the result is a couple of factors: July crowds have been much lower the last few years (even prepandemic), currently there is still a lower cap on attendance, but to me the most important factor is that it is way too early to rely on a July 2022 crowd prediction. Crowd levels will/do change before the date.

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It was a crowded week this year. Not your typical week, which I would never do personally, but still crowded.

That being said 7/4 in MK was not bad at all during the afternoon. We popped in for lunch, some photopass pics, and a couple of rides and it was not crowded then at all. This was the hub around 1pm:

I’m sure it was much much different at night by fireworks time, but we were perched up at CaliGrill so I can’t tell you for sure.