4th of July Fireworks - viewing location

I can book ADRs today and I was thinking to keep 4th of July for AK and perhaps seeing the MK fireworks on 3rd.

So far I am thinking either DR in MK and try to book dessert package, or just get on with the crowds or book ADR at Ohana and see them at the breach. Will we be ok to stay for the Fireworks after the meal?

Were would you watch the 4th of July fireworks from?

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I am sure that others will have a different opinion but I have done the 4th fireworks from the dessert party in the past. If they offer the garden view section, that is where I would watch them from.

The 4th of July fireworks surround the hub. When you watch from any other spot you miss that. Last year I was able to spend a few hours talking to the MK fireworks crew (before HEA). The crew chief said that the 4th was the best show of the year and you had to be in the hub area!

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Because it is such a busy day that day and extra special fireworks, I would definitely do some kind of reserved viewing for fireworks. It will be so worth it.

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We watched them on the 3rd this year and it was fantastic! We didn’t do anything special to reserve a spot but were able to get great views from Main St. close to the hub. We were definitely able to enjoy the 360 show and it was the best fireworks display any of us had experienced. It may be worth it to you to do a party where you know you will have the reserved viewing section, but we had no problem and didn’t line up more than 30-45 min ahead of the show.

I haven’t seen any special events announced at the hotels nearby. I wonder if they are a good option to see the fireworks for those who want to avoid the parks. Will Disney Springs offer any kind of fireworks or shows?!

I’ve decided do make reservation for Mickey’s BBQ on Fort Wilderness. On New Year’s Eve the BBQ includes watching MK fireworks from the beach. I wonder if it’s the same on 4th of July

We watched the MK 4th of July fireworks from the desert party on the Tomorrowland Terrace. It was expensive but I felt worth it because I knew there was going to be a huge crowd. It is important to get to this party right when it opens (I think around 8:00 PM so you can get one of the tables in front. Some of the tables in the back have obstructed view due to the overhang.