4th of July: Disneyland vs. DCA?

Hi everyone! Our family has visited Disneyland multiple times over the past three years, but never over the actual 4th of July holiday. My brother and his family went last year and were stunned at how quiet and crowd-free Disneyland was on that day. They said it was a really patriotic, fun day to be in the park.

My question is this: Which park should we go to on the 4th? I read that Disneyland does a patriotic-themed Mickey Mouse on that day, but I’m wondering if California Adventure does anything 4th of July specific? We usually do 1-park-per-day tickets and we’ll be there 4 days most likely. DCA crowds look to be much lower on the 4th

Thanks for any input! :slight_smile:

I haven’t been on the 4th but in general I’d say if you are looking for entertainment, go with Disneyland as they tend to have more special events like parades and fireworks. If you are looking to avoid crowds, go with DCA unless there is a difference in AP blockouts (sometimes DCA has fewer blockouts and can therefore be busier, but I presume on the 4th all passes that have blockout dates are blocked).