4th of July at MK

Our trip is down to three days (the struggle is real), and I was wondering if MK did anything special for 4th of July? We are planning on an entire day at MK, with a breakfast at Crystal Palace and a dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern. I may take a break somewhere in the middle since I have a four year old who will likely need to swim/rest/refuel at the hotel, but aside from that, we will be there for the entire day. We saw the fireworks last year when we were there, but it was not on the 4th of July. I was curious as to whether or not they do anything special to celebrate the 4th.

There are special fireworks on both the 3rd and 4th (same ones). They are amazing! Try to get a close to the hub as possible since they are 360 fireworks. When I was there two years ago they also did FoF parade at noon and 3:00 I believe. There is also a special flag ceremony I believe.

What @PrincipalTinker said :slight_smile: I would keep a close eye on crowds and park capacity closures if you decide to leave in the middle of the day. Staying on site and having an ADR you will probably not have any problems, but July 4th is second only to Christmas Day as the most crowded day of the year at the MK.

Thank you all for your feedback!