4th FPP on MDE App

I know right now you can only book your 4th FPP 1) at a Kiosk (not the MDE app) and 2) inside that park.

Does any know (speculate) when and how this may change?

Through the app when - by fall? But maybe still need to in the same park?

I haven't heard anything about this. But it may be that Disney's not going to do the programming for MDE until they settle on FPP rules.

@signusup I was just thinking about this and wondered why you couldn't do it already given that MDE uses location services on your phone anyway. So you could use MDE in the park you wanted your FPP for?

If MDE was coded correctly to begin with, it would be either a 1-line change to a constant and a recompile, or even better, a simple config change from the server side with no actual new code to be deployed. Surely they would build... flexibility into the thing, no? Sigh.

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Disney IT doing something simply? Lol.

While it would be great to make an afternoon FastPass while en route to that park, I think that by requiring someone to be physically present at a terminal rewards the person who is already committed to that park--Like with the legacy system, someone can't run ahead while others nap by the pool-- and it likely increases the usage of the fast pass


Agree, kind of... but lines for FPs kiosks are notoriously long... which defeats the purpose. Also, if one hasn't made any FPs in advance, one can make them via the web site same-day. Disney IT is remarkably inconsistent in their implementation of this... wink

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Though the frustration of thinking you were in a line 1 person deep, only to realize that it was a tour guide with a stack of 75 tickets was just as bad. Hopefully there is a learning curve that will help with lines, or maybe there will be more stations installed, either in the same locations or more locations will be added.

I think world showcase would benefit from one. (Oh, you just rode Maelstrom? Hike back to the front of the park to make your next reservation)

Indeed. My trip in Sept will be my 1st since FPP was implemented. When I saw the (meager) list of FPP kiosks the other day, I winced. I actually planned my last FPPs in a couple of cases to be near a kiosk (muppets, jungle cruise)! Yeah, I know... crazy.

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@ejj,wow, that's . . . obsessive, even for a Liner!