4th FPP Availability Question--Need help Planning

I'm sure this has been asked before but I'm kind of in a panic about my MK FPP plans. My 60 day mark is tomorrow. I'm curious about what rides have been available for a 4th FPP by say noon or 1pm? Is Enchanted Tales with Belle worth using a FPP on or should i be able to get it as a 4th one? The only ones I know that I am trying for are A&E and 7 dwarves. Are Winnie the Pooh or any of the mountains available still the day of? Any advice is appreciated! I'm so nervous about messing up my plans. TIA!!

I suggest you rank the experiences you "Must Do" and FPP those. If you arrive early / spend the day you have the chance to catch low crowd times also. ETWB gets very slow the later at night you are there. Yes, some mountains are available day of.

Don't worry about "best" just focus on what will make you and your group happy. You honestly can't do it all, so it's best to do it happy.

The Touring Plans crowd calendar has by ride detail in each park for your specific park and dates. Plus the touring plans give suggestions for which FPP you should choose.

Attraction to most likely be available at 1pm are:
Mad Tea Party
it’s a small world
Magic Carpets
Winnie the Pooh
Under the Sea
Town Square Tinker Bell
Haunted Mansion
Buzz Lightyear
Jungle Cruise
Pirates of Caribbean
Tomorrowland Speedway
Laugh Floor
Princess Hall: Cind/Rapunz
Town Square Mickey


Great list; thank you!

Totally depends on crowd levels. The E tickets are typically gone on crowded days but can still be available on not crowded days. Most of the listed attractions above can be (not necessarily) walk-on on crowded days.

I would make plans based on the idea that you will NOT be able to get any useful 4th FPP - that way you will have a working plan that will help you do everything you want to. Then, if you are able to get a good 4th FPP ( e.g. one for a remaining attraction with a longer wait time at the time you plan has you going there), add it into your TP and re-optimize.

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