4th FP+ and Park Hopping Kiosk Question

If we plan to park hop after our midday nap break, do we have to go to a FP+ kiosk at the 2nd park if we want to try to get FP+s at the 2nd park? Do all members of our party need to be present at the kiosk or can just 1 person go?

Specific scenario: Staying at Yacht Club. Morning of 9/16 at MK (we will already have put in 2 other AM half days at MK) and then late afternoon in Epcot. This is the only day I could get FP+ for Anna and Elsa meet which we have scheduled as a noon-1pm window. We will hit any missed attractions and repeat any well loved rides in a loose plan prior to noon. We may or may not schedule in 2 other FP+ for that morning depending on what we want to do (crowd calendar rated at a 2 out of 10 that day). After Anna and Elsa we will grab lunch and bus back to YC so 2 year old can nap. I was thinking I could run over to an Epcot FP+ kiosk during nap while leaving hubby with the kids to get a FP+ for Soarin post nap. Thoughts on this plan?

I haven’t tried this, so I am not sure. I would guess the MB would need to be scanned for park entry before it would work.

As long as everyone is linked in mde, only one person needs to go to the kiosk, however everyone needs to have entered the park.