4th fastpass+?

This may be a pretty basic question, but I’m puzzled:

If I make 3 Fastpass+ reservations ahead of time for AK, use them on the day I am at AK, and then want to make a 4th FP+ reservation in Epcot, do I have to be in Epcot to make that 4th FP+?

Could I make that 4th FP+ using the Disney app on my phone from anywhere (my hotel room, for example, or even while I am still in AK)? Or could I use a kiosk in AK to make a 4th FP+ for Epcot?

It does not matter where you are when you make the 4th. You can do it as soon as you tap in for your 3rd. You can make it for the same park you are in or for another. You can be anywhere, as long as you can use MDE. Kiosks, I believe, are limited to FPP for the park the kiosk is in.

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If you make three for AK you will use those three. When you scan your MB for your 3rd FP, in line, you can go on the app and book a FP for EP. You can make a tier 1 if available but your 5th would need to be tier 2.

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But would need to do on your smart phone rather the park kiosk I think

You can’t use a kiosk in AK to make FP for EP, you’d do it on the app.