4th fast passes

Can someone tell me about their experience with fast passes+ after u you use your first 3. Any tricks or advice you can give me?

refresh, refresh, refresh. April 2017 I was getting 8-9 fast passes a day by refreshing like a maniac.


As soon as you scan your band at your third tapstile for your 3rd fast pass get on the app to book your 4th while you are in line. Same for any subsequent fastpasses, as soon as you scan your band and enter the fastpass line get on the app and start booking your next one.
I have had an evening at Animal Kingdom where I was able to snag 8 fastpasses and use them in less than 2 hours.


I have to agree with SillySamsMom… refresh and refresh until you get a good one. I always try for the next FP while I’m still in line for the 3rd, right after scanning.
The trick is to get the 3 FP for the morning as early as possible, so that you can try the 4th FP still in the morning to get the most difficult ones…
4th fastpasses I remember having conquered: TT, Soarin’, FEA, TSMM, RR, ToT, FOP (not 4th, but day of FP), 7DMT, Space M, BTM and many of the other very easy ones

Like the others have said you can start looking as soon as you get in that 3rd fast pass line but also another trick is to leave one fast pass open for the day. Only book two fast passes for the day and keep searching for a highly sought after one like 7DMT or FOP. Just an idea! But if you already have three booked that you really want then the idea of setting three up early in the day is the best.

What about a park that has the tiered system? If I only book 2 FPs, would I be able to get another top tier FP same day, or do I need to use up 3 before I try to get another Tier 1 Fastpass? E.g. If I booked Soarin and Spaceship Earth in Epcot, but don’t book a 3rd, could I then book Test Track (assuming it was available) for a same-day third FP? Or would I need to add something else first?

Within the same park you must use (or let lapse) 2 tier 2 FPs before you can book another tier 1.

But if you are park hopping, you can prebook 1 FP and once you have tapped in, you can immediately book 2 more. The can both be tier 1 rides if they are both in different parks.

  • example. Pre-book FoP, tap in, then book TSMM and TT. You could not book TT and FEA at the same time.

Or pre-book 2, tap in to the first one and then book another tier 1 in a different park.

  • example. Pre-book FoP and Safari. Tap into FoP, now book TT for later in the day. Proceed to Safari. Park hop, ride TT and now book Soarin.

I’m very curious about this and you seem to be extremely knowlegeable, what would you find being the best strategy in the following scenario? Have a Hopper and going to rope drop with early magic hours at AK in the morning and want to ride FOP, Safari, Everest, Dinosaur & Kali before lunch - plan was to use all 3 FPs for rides in MK for evening park (Space, Splash, Big Thunder or 7 Dwarves) - if I use a FP at 8 & 9AM at AK for FOP & the Safari, how likely will I be able to get a FP for one of the big attractions at MK and say I ride my 3rd FP at 4:00, how likely will I be able to get another one after riding that? I simply don’t like the uncertainty of hoping for that 3rd or 4th fast pass in this scenario - I guess it also depends on crowds, we are going the last week of May into June so CL are about 7 or so. In our last couple of trips, it seemed pointless to try to secure a fastpass for Soarin, Test Track, Toy Story, Rock N Roller, Space Mtn, Splash & 7 Dwarves and I’m sure now FOP as well- they were all gone. I know it is easy to say, people throw them back and situations change throughout the day, but I would really like to see the data on the successfulness of securing a FP on the day of for a headline attraction. I can see how it is very possible to get a 4th fast pass for something, but what time will it be? If I use my 2 FP in AK in the AM and can’t use my 3rd in MK until 10:00PM, I’ll find myself waiting in lines for other things before getting to use it. Sorry for the long post but I am very interested in your opinion.


I don’t think it’s likely you will get a 4th fast pass for any of the rides in MK you mentioned. Anything can change though so it The blog I attached is a bit older. I couldn’t find a more recent one. I can’t imagine a significant deviation from this though as the rides in MK have not changed.

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The best source of FP availability is the link that @SillySamsMom has posted.

On New Years Day 2017, DS and I had FEA booked for after an Epcot tour, around 3pm. Did that and found we could get Pirates and JC for around 5pm. But we weren’t trying to get Space or 7dmt, we were really just looking to see what we could find.

I would think the big headliners aren’t going to be too easy to get if you want them for more than one or two people. And I have no wish to be constantly checking for FPs either, we just don’t do the parks like that!

That said, I know that Soarin is relatively easy to find on the day, TSMM and TT are do-able.

We had great luck with fp 4+ even for big attractions and high crowd levels. On a Saturday in Oct with crowd levels across the parks 7+, we did 4 parks in one day an here is our fp+ luck with refreshing:, epcot 1st park we had fea, mission space, spaceship earth for our 3 original, then go tsmm as 4th, while in line we got star tours as 5th fp, then on to ak, we actually got 2 fp+ for fop (this split our party but we had a 5 yr old who didn’t want to ride) so did rider switch and 3 in our party got KS fp for same time, we got everest fp, but ended up scraping those for fast pass on btm at my which showed up in refresh, we also got fp to tsmm late in the day. All told we used 9 fp between the two parks. My biggest issue was tsmm, I split up our group of 5 and then was able to get fp in times that overlapped so we could still go together. In my refreshing during my 10 day trip on other days I pretty much saw everything except fea, 7dmt come up at some point. We got na’vi to come up as well, did space mountain, tsmm, exp. Everest, kali, ks, test track, fop all as fp after out original 3. Just keep refreshing, change party size etc. . And jeep looking, the faster you use your first three of the day the better you are off for prime availability

Wow, talk about getting a lot accomplished. We are not interested in splitting up our family, so this probably would not work for us. I guess it really depends on personal preference. We just don’t like the unknown factor. Again, I would like to see how many others were as successful as you and how many were not. For Epcot, our favorites are Soarin’ & Test Track, for AK - Everest and the Safari (have not ridden FOP yet, but I’m told this will soon be our favorite) HS - Rock n Roller & TOT and MK - Space Mtn, Splash, 7Dwarves & Big Thunder- I just don’t see how I could be guaranteed that any of these rides would be available for a 4th FP. Entering a park in the evening without a fast pass seems like a losing proposition with standing in lines - I would rather scramble around a little at rope drop and ride everything at one park with short waits in the morning and be guaranteed 3 FPS in the evening after relaxing after lunch/pool at the resort. But I guess I need more people like you/this site to tell me to go ahead and use your FPs in the AM at one park because you will have no problem getting 4th and 5th at another park for headline attractions. And we are going in June which I’m sure is totally different than Oct - thank you for responding!

If it were me, I would go with your Rope Drop plan and save your 3 FPs for the evening.

I only leave the additional fast passes for the rides that I might want to do… not the rides I MUST Do! For example, we rode Dumbo 2x last time because I got an extra FP for it. I consider the 4th FP a bonus, not a guarantee.

Sounds good - Thank you!

I have to agree with SillysamsMom. I consider the 4th FP a bonus. I do all my must do attractions in the morning with short waits and/or my 3 FPs. Once I tap my 3rd FP, I try to get the 4th for Epcot around lunch time (we normally stay at the Beach Club). My evening park hours are only for the night time show (HEA or Star Wars) and attractions with low to no wait (PeopleMover, Country Bears, Sorcerers of the MK) so if I get a good FP for the evening (which I normally get) I go to that attraction as a bonus, just to repeat. At Epcot, Soarin’, Mission Space and Test Track are very possible to find (refresh, refresh and refresh!). At MK, the headliner I always get the additional FP is Space Mountain, and fairly easily. 7DMT is more difficult, but I’ve already gotten 7DMT as my 5th FP of the day (I had already ridden it in the morning with my original FP). At HS, ToT is easier that RR, but you can also find FPs for TSMM, and Star Tours is the easiest of them all. The most difficult ones, like FEA, are easier to get in the end of the morning, or around lunch time. The best park to get extra FPs is MK because there are so many attractions there.
I used to tour the parks without morning FP,s saving them for the evening, and I was very suspicious of those who “burned” their 3 fast passes in the morning. Now I am part of the morning FP group and I realized I accomplish much, much more with the morning FP strategy. In addition to that, the feeling you get when you find good bonus FPs for the evening to repeat a must do attraction is like winning the lottery!!

Sorry for the long answer. It’s just that I understand your feelings. I have been there.
But at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you feel relaxed, because it’s vacation. So leaving important, must do attractions to chance or luck is not a good idea, as a bonus it just adds to the fun! :grinning:

On our MK day, we were hoping for a 4th FP for JC. Our 3rd FP is at 12:30pm. Any chance there could be some JC passes left for the late afternoon?

Depending on when you’re going, but if you keep refreshing in the app (just keep pressing ‘afternoon’ at the top of the attraction list) a ssoon as you tap into your 3rd FastPass, you have a decent shot of getting something…

When I was there a few weeks ago I was able to get JC, Splash Mountain and even 7DMT as the 4th, 5th and 6th FP for the day. Took a lot of refreshing and patience!

On Christmas Eve we got JC and Pirates around about 6pm, before our reservation at 7pm. Surprising but very easy to get.