48 Hours Until We Head to Disneyworld!

We are wheels up this Sunday to head to WDW! I’m just so excited that I had to shout it out one more time here on the forums and thank everyone here as well as TP for all the amazing help. Thanks to all the advice of both TP and the folks in this forum, we got all our restaurant reservations and BBB 180 days out, and then were able to secure all our FPs 60 days out (except SDD - but oh well).

We have a plan and a backup plan for everyday, we’re ready for the potential rain every afternoon. Most importantly, we feel like we will NOT be stressing out because we are prepared and aware that plans could potentially change…and we’re ready to roll with the punches. I guess that’s the weird thing about a trip to Disney that so many people forget - we stress and go crazy for 180+ days before the trip so we DON’T HAVE TO when we’re on the trip. Next week will be a week of “yesses and fun” for the family and no stressing out. I can’t wait.


That’s the spirit !!! I’d wish you a great trip but I think you don’t need it with such a great attitude. Have fun !!!

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Oh yeah! That’s the best right there. Have fun.

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And be ready to look like a Wizard to your fam! TP and Liners make me look so like a genius. Truth be told, I don’t disapprove of that impression haha.

Have a blasty blast!

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Yay! Have a wonderful trip. I hope you don’t need those backup plans, but if you do it sounds like you’re ready! Have fun :slight_smile: