48 hours to go time

This has been my most anticipated trip yet. The stakes feel so high lol. We booked in January and we are so thankful we get to keep our original booking dates. This is going to sound nuts but I am already feeling sad it’s over. My husband said it’s bc the planning is over LOL. He’s probably right!

I am going to try to entertain y’all with a live trip report. I have DD9, DS7, & DS6 so I’m not sure how often I’m going to be able to do updates but I am going to try!!

Y’all have been a huge help. Huge thanks to everyone doing live trip reports bc those have been invaluable. It’s a big reason why I am hoping to keep up with a live report! It’s our way of giving back :grin:

Now to dig out the kids’ Disney winter hats since it may be high 30s on one of our DHS rope drop days :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Happy thanksgiving, Liners!


:scream: dang!!

I’m very much looking forward to following along :blush:


I so loved your updates! I am a big proponent of starting them young!! Loved seeing your sweet babes loving the magic!


Yay!!! Can’t wait to follow along!

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I would look forward to following along…except we will be there two days later! So have fun. And maybe see you there. :wink:

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Have a great trip!

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See you there, maybe! We fly out Saturday also.

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I am counting on it!!

I hope so!!!

Thank you!!

Yours is next!

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I’d love a trip report if you can- good luck and have a GREAT time!

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