45'ish days out and I want to add a split stay. Resort I want is sold out :( Do rooms open up at 30 days out?

Last year I booked 8 nights at OKW in a 1-bed for the first week in June (Memorial Day weekend). This weekend I decided I wanted to modify our reservation to stay at the Grand Floridian the first 3 nights. At the time they had rooms. Today they are sold out! Is there an “app for that” - one that will notify me when rooms become available? Are there specific times of the day to check Disney’s website when they open up rooms or modify availablity? At 30 days out do a flood of rooms open up as people cancel reservations or Disney has reservations that are not paid? I am determined to make this happen! But am not sure the best strategy… Thanks!!

Are you booking directly through Disney or renting DVC?

This sounds like such a fun upgrade! What about taking it on to the end of the trip instead of the beginning? You might have more luck since it’s not a holiday weekend. :woman_shrugging: I’d probably just constantly refresh and keep checking back. Hopefully someone else has some more useful advice. Let us know what happens!

Disney directly - DVC is also sold out

Well fortunately Disney has a much better cancellation policy so you definitely might be able to find cancellations. Like everything else, just keep refreshing!

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Thanks! I hope we get to do it! I had considered that - but we are not going to the parks our last day and 1 of the 3 days at the end MK is not available for park reservations. So, we would be upgrading the cost of our stay to utilize the monorail but not really getting the benefit of the monorail 2/4 days. So it would not make sense financially. If we do it at the start of our trip we can visit MK 4 days in a row on the monorail - with 3 yo twins and a 5 yo it would be so much easier. Hoping to snag a cancellation!


Thanks! That is the plan- refresh, refresh, refresh :rofl:


I had luck doing this in December 2019. Our flights got changed and I needed to add another night. 1-2 weeks of checking & I was able to find what we needed!


I’m hoping this works out for you! You may want to try different room types / configurations if it is important for you and depending on your budget. Also might be worth checking one of the other monorail resorts - maybe people are cancelling Contemporary due to the construction? (Honestly, you might not want to stay there either for the same reason!)

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That makes a lot of sense! Hopefully someone will cancel and your fast fingers will be able to snatch the open spot. Good luck!! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: