45 days! Countdown to next trip!

My brother and i are taking our parents to Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort for Mother’s Day weekend.

As those who track days on the crowd calendar are aware, last month every upcoming prediction was adjusted by one or two levels. What was expected to be 1/2 is now a 3. I purchased my first park-to-park pass in over a decade with those expectations. While it is no longer as low as i had hoped, after consulting frequent guests, I’m confident that I’ll still be able to get the most out of the day thanks to Lines!

The others are only doing a single park. They have yet to decide which park, but I’m fairly certain my parents will do USF while my brother does IOA. Assuming thats correct, my plan is to meet my parents for lunch at the Leaky Cauldron, and meet my brother for dinner at Three Broomsticks (while recommending they visit Finnegan’s). Alternatively, we could all get together for a late dinner somewhere on the UCW. The UOG rates Cowfish and Vivo as the best there, but my personal favorite is Pat O’Brien. I also have a Landry’s card, for Bubba Gump.


An upcoming trip report from Erik the Red!?!? I better hear plenty of complaining and snarkiness. :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for sharing, looking forward to it. :slightly_smiling_face:


You will! UOR is not the same as WDW. A CL3 at UOR is like at CL1 at WDW…

I’m also I fan of Pat O’Brien’s. The dueling piano bar is so fun!! I, too, have a Landry’s card.

FYI - “The Palm” inside the Hard Rock Hotel is a Landry’s location and an AMAZING place. It’s definitely an “upscale” steakhouse, so you won’t see kids or a bunch of families there. It is pricey though. I spend $150 on a dinner for myself. However, it was my birthday. So I got 2 cocktails, soup, steak w/ large risotto and dessert. (They did apply my free $25 birthday credit to the meal, so that made ti a bit cheaper!)

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“Am i a clown?? Do i amuse you?!?”


have fun! you have a touring plan you are following?

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My family isn’t exactly what you’d call “upscale”. They’re more like – how can i put this? – tacky & classless


I was thinking more along the lines of Beetlejuice.


I crafted my own plan. Three hours at IOA, six at USF, and then another three at IOA

But i have a big problem. Our parents have bailed on the trip, so i changed the reservation to Endless Summer. Now my jackass brother doesnt want to contribute to the hotel at all. He prefers to just drive down there Sunday morning. 1) we live two hours away, so we’d have to leave by six to be there at gate open. 2) he’s very lazy, so we probably wouldnt get there until nine at the earliest. And hes only interested in the roller coasters, so he’ll also want to leave early. For $204 I want to get every cent of my moneys worth. 3) Even if i did want to do (less than) a single day, its too late to get a refund for the hotel.