45 days! Countdown to next trip! [UPDATE: Trip Report]

My brother and i are taking our parents to Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort for Mother’s Day weekend.

As those who track days on the crowd calendar are aware, last month every upcoming prediction was adjusted by one or two levels. What was expected to be 1/2 is now a 3. I purchased my first park-to-park pass in over a decade with those expectations. While it is no longer as low as i had hoped, after consulting frequent guests, I’m confident that I’ll still be able to get the most out of the day thanks to Lines!

The others are only doing a single park. They have yet to decide which park, but I’m fairly certain my parents will do USF while my brother does IOA. Assuming thats correct, my plan is to meet my parents for lunch at the Leaky Cauldron, and meet my brother for dinner at Three Broomsticks (while recommending they visit Finnegan’s). Alternatively, we could all get together for a late dinner somewhere on the UCW. The UOG rates Cowfish and Vivo as the best there, but my personal favorite is Pat O’Brien. I also have a Landry’s card, for Bubba Gump.


An upcoming trip report from Erik the Red!?!? I better hear plenty of complaining and snarkiness. :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for sharing, looking forward to it. :slightly_smiling_face:


You will! UOR is not the same as WDW. A CL3 at UOR is like at CL1 at WDW…

I’m also I fan of Pat O’Brien’s. The dueling piano bar is so fun!! I, too, have a Landry’s card.

FYI - “The Palm” inside the Hard Rock Hotel is a Landry’s location and an AMAZING place. It’s definitely an “upscale” steakhouse, so you won’t see kids or a bunch of families there. It is pricey though. I spend $150 on a dinner for myself. However, it was my birthday. So I got 2 cocktails, soup, steak w/ large risotto and dessert. (They did apply my free $25 birthday credit to the meal, so that made ti a bit cheaper!)

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“Am i a clown?? Do i amuse you?!?”


have fun! you have a touring plan you are following?

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My family isn’t exactly what you’d call “upscale”. They’re more like – how can i put this? – tacky & classless


I was thinking more along the lines of Beetlejuice.


I crafted my own plan. Three hours at IOA, six at USF, and then another three at IOA

But i have a big problem. Our parents have bailed on the trip, so i changed the reservation to Endless Summer. Now my jackass brother doesnt want to contribute to the hotel at all. He prefers to just drive down there Sunday morning. 1) we live two hours away, so we’d have to leave by six to be there at gate open. 2) he’s very lazy, so we probably wouldnt get there until nine at the earliest. And hes only interested in the roller coasters, so he’ll also want to leave early. For $204 I want to get every cent of my moneys worth. 3) Even if i did want to do (less than) a single day, its too late to get a refund for the hotel.

So I’m now two weeks out from my trip.

My brother finally came around, and we’re just going Saturday and Sunday, no Monday.

Our parents had backed out because they took a trip to the Florida Keys earlier this month, and are going on a cruise in June. They wanted to make sure they had enough money for our family trip to WDW in September.

But now, i find myself at a crossroads. My niece (6) wants to see Seuss Landing in December. Shes only ever been to WDW for her birthday in January. My brother’s birthday is also in December. Because I’m so stupidly generous, I’m wondering if i should push the reservation back another seven months and let her enjoy her first visit to IOA.

Well if you’re asking me for advice, go in two weeks and in December. Duh :wink: :innocent:


That would be ideal. But like i said, we’ve also got a WDW trip in the works for Labor Day. We dont want to spread our money too thin.

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I may have missed 5/11

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Thank you, i didn’t know we could do that

And no, you didn’t miss anything. Saturday was just a hotel & CityWalk day

If anyone has any questions, i guess it’d be easier to answer here than filing a Trip Report

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Sure thing bud.

See, the ancient app isn’t totally worthless :sweat_smile:

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Okay, so its been two weeks. I guess i can take the time to discuss the trip.


  • My favorite store, the Universal Legacy Store, was in the process ofbeing converted into a preview ce ter for Epic Universe; Drinks at Fat Tuesday; late lunch at the BK Whopper Bar; a round at Hollywood Drive-In (The Haunting of Ghostly Greens); more drinks at Fat Tuesday; visited Rising Star at 8:30 – they opened at 7, so we figured by the time we finished eating and golfing the show would have started, but no they apparently didn’t start until 9:15; returned to Dockside and chilled by the pool


  • took advantage of early entry to do everything in WW Hogsmeade before taking the Hogwarts Express to Kings Cross Station; unless you’re a devoted HP fan, theres really no point in eating up valuable time. All of Touring Plans listed showtimes were off from anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes, so thay screwed with my custom plan. Was still able to do everything i wanted throughout the day at least once, except The Simpsons Ride; just as i made my way over there, the ride went down, so i did HRRR a second time – i hate how they keep pinching pennies with narrowing down the songlist, but i did love belting out “Waterloo”! Met Betty Boop for the first time; it was a little off putting that shes wearing this hard plastic hair helmet instead of a wig. Wanted to say hi to Mystery Inc, but didnt know how to say “Im only interested in Velma” without sounding like a creep. BeetleJuice was, as always, the best face character. He took a break from his usual spot to troll diners at Mel’s; it was a laugh. Ate at Minion Cafe for the first time, and freaking loved it. I just wish i knew they only did mobile ordering; i had a $100 gift card i had been saving for this trip, and every time i tried to use it somewhere it wasn’t taken. The Bourne Stuntacular went down for about five minutes towards the end of the rooftop sequence, which kinda killed the immersion, but the host did a good job of keeping the audience engaged while they got up and running. Supercharged is normally an easy way to sit down in the AC and get off your feet, but as you can see it took much longer than normal; there was an Indian family who decided to use the singlerider line. The ride hosts were having difficulty directing them where to go, while still serving the families who took the standby line like they’re supposed to. The only hostilities i witnessed were on MIB when some Karen went off on the hosts for not letting her precious little angel on the ride – after they went through the queue, meaning they deliberately ignored the height requirment outside. From where i was standing, the boy appeared to be atleast two inches too short. About an hour before the park closee, we went to Margaritaville for a drink (the airplane bar) and headed back inside. After park close (7pm) my brother went home, and I went back to Dockside to lay down for about an hour, then returned to CityWalk. Got a drink at Pat O’Brien’s just in time to hear “Sweet Caroline” (feel bad for the players, they must get that several times a night). Performed at Rising Star, rocked the house.


  • Did early entry again, but this time decided to postpone Hagrid’s until later in the day. Again had an issue with non-English speakers: there was a Russian couple that absolutely would not get off their phones on Reign of Kong – Siriusly, theoughout the queue, they were both taking a selfie every thirty seconds and blogging nonstop; once we got on the tram, we couldnt take off until they finally got the clue that they were the ones that the hosts were telling to put away their phones; then they pulled the, back on and just switched to night mode. As for the ride itself, i want it on record that without the 3D glasses, this is just as bad as Supercharged; i also still havent forgiven Skull Island for costing us the iconic Jurassic Park gate:

“What do they got in there? King Kong?”
–Dr. Ian Malcolm

You could’ve kept it and just changed the sign! Maybe give it a more primitive makeover…

Had another inconsiderate jackass(es) on JP River Adventure. We kept getting announcements to please stop putting your hands in the water and trying to grab things. As we approached the drop, we got interrupted again, this time telling them to take their hat off again or they were going to lose it. Really spoiled the illusion. As for the ride itself, the dinosaurs were pretty clunky. Hell, the parasaurolophus that supposedly headbutts your boat couldnt even been seen!

Hagrid’s went down for about 10 minutes, but i was in the underground tunnels, so everyone just sat down and relaxed. Over before you knew it. The great thing about this ride is that the queue never stops moving. Every time I’ve ridden it, the actual wait time was only about half of what was posted. The only flaw is that the unicorn honestly looks kinda shitty. Side note, I’m a millenial who doesnt keep up with Gen Z trends. Some cute girls were playing with this guessing game app, where you hold your phone up to your forehead and they feed you clues. The subject was Disney characters, so i was jumping in with hints when they got stuck. Does anyone know what this app is called?

My time for Bilge Rat Barges was thrown off because i was having some problems with my locker and started the timer too early. I’d say it was really about a third, maybe even a quarter of what i submitted.

Lot of guys lined up to get their picture taken with Rogue, while all the kids wanted to meet Wolverine or Spider-Man, so i got to meet Cyclops and Storm without a wait (met Cap, DD, and GG last time, so i thought i’d give them a break). I know the Marvel characters are supposed to be closer to the comic books than the movies, but couldn’t Universal up their costume budget by just a little so they look less like they came from Spirit Halloween? I swear, the “ears” on Wolverine’s mask were bent in opposite directions. Not the fault of the performers, they do their best with what theyre given to work with.

Having completed everything i wanted, i popped back in to USF to see if i could cram anything else in before i had to go. Minion Blast is fun (if you can get the stupid app to load, and it actually saves your progress) but i wish there was an actual goal or maybe a tutorial. Scarlett, Bratt, Macho, and Vector eventually go down in the final stage. But the Vicious “6” just absorb all your shots without any indication you’re making any progress. They dont even react to being shot, like the rest of their respective stages.

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Thanks for sharing.

My experience if you have gift cards to use at restaurants. They all have the ability to take walk ups at the counter. They will do their best to say no sorry, but if you say you don’t have a cc or cash they will accomodate you.

The game is called Heads Up, my DD plays it with my SIL.

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Looked fun, but they werent that great at it. Instead of giving actual descriptors, they were simply saying things like “Simba’s dad”