40th birthday

We are currently starting to plan a November Disney trip for the half marathon. It correlates with my husbands 40th birthday. Where would you pick for dinner? We have two daughters (9 and 7) and maybe a grandma with us.
Thanks for the recommendations

Several questions need to be answered first.

  1. What kind of food do you like or not like?
  2. Are there “picky” or unadventurous eaters?
  3. What are you thoughts about signature dining?
  4. Are you looking for in-park, resort, or either dining?
  5. What park will you be in that day?

I could say CG (my personal favorite “special meal” locations), but if you don’t want to do signature, it’s a pointless recommendation. Likewise if I said BG (on of my favorite TSs), but you don’t like German food, it wouldn’t be a good recommendation. If I said HBD, but you were going to be in the MK that day, it probably wouldn’t be the best recommendation. :slight_smile:


We did Yachtsman for my husband’s 40th. He was ill and didn’t make it but DS (then 11) and I really enjoyed it!


You both really know how to show the love! :wink:


It wasn’t his actual birthday luckily! But he has MS and there were a lot of days he couldn’t get out of the room, we had to leave him behind a lot or we’d have got nothing done. He missed a lot of meals.

We are open to anything as we haven’t even picked what park on what day. I could plan around the restaurant. I would like something more special for his birthday but I do have to keep in mind that we have two younger children who aren’t the best eaters

CG is a great option for a birthday dinner–great food, views and fireworks.
Jiko is another favorite of mine.

I would second CG; it’s excellent food, and watching the FW from the deck is pretty special.

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