4 vs 5 days at WDW?

We were originally thinking 4 days, but now we may have the opportunity to do 5. It will be me, my husband and 6.5 year old daughter. We were planning MK, AK, and EP with park hoppers. But how much would we gain by adding an additional day? Would Disney-fatigue set in? I don’t think we care too much about HS. We are going the week of Feb 13th which so far promises lower crowds. Thoughts?


We normally visit for 14 days so I don’t see how disney fatigue will set in on a 5 day trip! I would take the extra day


I think the luxury of a little more time when you do not go often allows you to take a break and not drive yourself to do a “rope drop until you drop plan”.


I agree with @PrincipalTinker. I would add the day, but don’t add more to your must-do list. That way you can use the extra time to relax a bit, take an earlier break when or if you need one, or repeat some favorites. I find that more time makes WDW feel more like a vacation and less like an endurance event.

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I think you’d enjoy an a 2nd MK day with a daughter that age. Whether it’s 4 days or 5, just pace yourself from the beginning and you’ll have a great time.

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So nice to have more days. You can pace yourself better and it makes the trip a little more relaxing. Plus if there is bad weather one day you can make up for it later.

Thank you everyone! It was only $200 more to add another night at AOA and an additional day at WDW so we went for it. Our main plans are mornings at MK x2, EP x1, and AK x1, break at hotel during the afternoon and then park hopping for evening activities (fireworks, etc) and dinner. Now that we have an extra day, it will be nice to have a floater where we could either take the rest of the afternoon off or we could revisit something we missed. :smile:


You will never go wrong by adding days to your vacation. My dream WDW trip would be 10 days in duration, 5-6 of which would be park days and the rest would be enjoing all the rest of what The World has to offer - which is a lot!


5 days is only 1 day more than 4, but will make the trip a million times better! Assuming you frequent only the 3 parks you mentioned you will have plenty of time to be very flexible depending on tiredness, places you want to hit again, etc. I vote for 5!!