4 parks in 1 day

So I am 11 days away from a trip to WDW with my twin DD18 for their spring break. All three of us have been many times so we like to find new things to do. I thought it would be fun to visit 4 parks in 1 day. This is not a WDW47 attempt (I don’t think spring break is a good time to try that). We want to make this a challenge though (not just stepping foot inside the parks). So I would love suggestions. Things I’m thinking–we must do 2 or 3 attractions in each park, eat something from each, take a photopass with the park icon, meet a character. Just trying to make it fun.

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MK: Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain
AK: Expedition Everest
HS: Rockin’ Roller Coaster
EP: Test Track

The last one is a bit of a cheat. It is the closest thing to a coaster there.

Of course, I’m a roller coaster enthusiast. :slight_smile:

I didn’t include Seven Dwarfs Mine Train even though it is a coaster simply because…it is incredibly boring and a waste of a ride concept, IMO. I was hoping they’d create a coaster on par with Expedition Everest. Instead, they gave us a coaster on par with It’s a Small World. But I digress.

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We love roller coasters too. I like the idea.

Nasty. Not that I don’t agree, though…

I mean all the WDW coasters are tame to be honest, with the exception of RRC and even that is a bit tame in comparison to what’s out today. I assume you mean boring as in the coaster isn’t very thrilling? Cause the animatronics are cool.

I, too, am a coaster fan; there has yet to be one built that was too fast, too tall, or had too many inversions for me.

Even with my ADD, it’s too short to be boring, but for a large person, it’s just too painful to ride. But I agree it was a waste of one of Disney’s most famous IPs. The “original” leaked plans showed a ride that was 50% longer; a second dark scene and a third coaster segment. That would have solved many of its problems.

I have to disagree with you on intensity. This is in Fantasyland - the most “kid-centric” land in all 4 parks; if there is any place in WDW that shouldn’t have a high thrill coaster, it’s Fantasyland. But I would eagerly welcome a top class coaster in EP, DHS, or AK…

I’m with you. I think they have a great opportunity to build a top flight coaster that is Star Wars themed. Hopefully it happens!

What about a scavenger hunt. Depending if you want to do things together or apart. Perhaps clues for the ride they have to ride and then take a picture in front of that ride etc. First person done first with the most correct answers right wins

That would be fun. That’s actually a really good idea for an upcoming trip we have with a larger group.

I hesitate to use the term “tame” just because there are plenty of coasters in the world with much more thrill value. But the fact is, I find Expedition Everest to be an incredible coaster. World-class. And yet, they did this while making it accessible to 6-year-olds! Amazing that Disney could make a coaster that a coaster enthusiast loves to ride (overall my favorite ride in all four parks) that I can ride alongside my youngest child.

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster was just…boring. I think there was exactly one moment n the entire ride that gave any sense of thrill, and even that ended up being a let-down.

If it is meant to be a kiddie coaster, then they succeeded. But it shocks me that it will consistently have 100+ minute waits. It isn’t worth 100 minutes. It is probably only worth about a 20 minute wait. IMO.

Anyhow, that is why I decided NOT to include it in my suggested 4-park coaster tour idea.

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So my DW, DD11, and DD7 are going to do 4 parks on the 5th day of a 6 days in the park trip. My wife and I used to work at WDW so we’ve ‘lived’ there but this is DD11s 3rd trip and DD7s 2nd. Here is our plan for that day
EMH Epcot 8am - Soarin or other etix ride that we loved on Epcot day
Boat to HS
HS - FPP for toy story and Tower
Bus to MK
MK - train around the park, sorcerers or pirates adventure
Bus to AK
AK - night safari, wander around Pandora

Should be epic and while I’m sure there might be whining and some complaining it is something we as a family can talk about for a long time. Good luck

Your plan does sound epic and one your kids will love.
I’m curious how much time you are thinking you will spend in each park. Are you creating a specific timeline for the day?