4 Parks 1 Day

If doing 4 parks in 1 day what is your game plan …what order of parks …what rides in each and where do you use FPP? Giving it a shot in Aug on a AKL EMH in the AM…

My order was AK, DHS, EP, MK. Made the most sense from a park hours and transportation sense to me (I was staying @ AKL). MK was open until midnight that night. This was before FPP, so no recommendations there.

I started with HS, rode RnRC and ToT, bussed to AK did Safari, EE SR and ITtBaB, bussed to EP for MS and SE then monorail to MK, where I had FPP for the 3 mountains. (This was before you could get extra FPP but it worked out fine)

Current plan …open to change is…AK EMH do EE,PW,Dinosaur (what do we use for abbreviation for that) then hit HS for RNR TOT and ST over yo Epcot for FPP on TT, MS,SE then MK to finish night. What do you think

I would be doing Soarin in Epct - it’s my favourite ride - but otherwise your plan sounds great. Want to do this myself someday.

Sounds like we all do the same order. I did emh AK, then made a big mistake and went to DTD (I got my watch at 20% off though), HS, EP and MK.
I was torn that day between doing all 4 parks or really exploring AK, so I spent several hours there and rode Dino, EE 2x, ks, did conservation station, pw.
It was 2 before I finally made it to HS on a 9 crowd day. Got a pb&j shake and then got in single rider for RnR. Finally lost patience and left and watched citizens of Hollywood and left. I shoilf have used my FPP for HS, but dh was meeting me after his conference and I thought it was only fair to save them for him.
I walked to BW and took a nap until dh was finished and then to EP for Beirgarten. He had zero desire to ride anything, so I didn’t. Eating is an attraction at Epcot, right?
Monorail to MK, which was open until 1 am. Rode all 3 mountains with FPP and a few more. Got a dole whip!!!
I am going to have to have a do-over some day and ride something at each park. I had lovely touring plans at each park, but my unplanned DTD stop took 3 hours (only bad bus experience that week, 45 minutes at akl to get to DTD and 25 at ss to HS) and threw everything off.
Good luck! It is fun. Your plan looks perfect!

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Planning on trying 4 parks in 1 day in December. MK has MVMCP so we will probably start there. We have lunch ADR at Yak & Yeti at noon. What do you think of this: MK, AK, HS then EP? This will be our 5th of 7 park days. Is it considered “cheating” if we don’t hit the main attractions in each park that day? What FPP would you use for this schedule?

We did our FPP @ HS (rode TSMM (3 times!) RR and Star Tours), next to AK, where we rode EE and Primeval Whirl, then to MK (rode BTMR and PoTC) and finished at EP (we only got as far as Spaceship Earth and Club Cool), We also did our favorite snacks at each park. It was an awesome day! Our only regret was that we didn’t finish our day with dinner in the WS.

How about 4P1D on Thanksgiving Day? Anybody done this?

We are hoping to do 4 parks in one day next weekend. We will stray at HS as it has EMH. Based on projected wait times we will then do AK, Epcot and finish at MK. Using our FPPs for MK as this is busiest park on our day.

I used to do it all the time without much thought 10 years ago… We always ended at MK because it was open the latest and generally started with AK because it closed the earliest. I think our usual route was: AK, HS, EP, MK and we actually spent time at each park doing a number of attractions. But had a time limit set for each so we knew when to move on.

This all came to a halt one year when we got to Epcot it was food and wine and we never knew about that. Next thing I knew we found a friendly group and we were grabbing the special Sam Addams beer in American Pavilion listening to the music and running around to England to catch the British Invasion… we had to get a room that night because there was no way I was making the 2 hour drive south home!

And yes, we used to do 4 parks in a day and drive back to Sarasota where I live… lol

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DH and I are trying it this coming September! Our plan is AK (opens at 8), MK, Epcot, HS (closes at 10.) We are 37 days out from the trip and in a week or two, we are going to sit down and really discuss what will qualify as our challenge. I know some people say you have to eat and drink something in each park, others say you need to ride at least 3 rides (1 headliner) in each park, etc. We still have to discuss all those details.

I just went to each park. Ate in some. Rides in others.

Started at AK for EMH, rode safari,EE, a few others, had a snack

Bussed to HS. Used FPP for TSMM, ToT, single rider RNR. Had a snack.

Boat to EP, single rider TT, went to world showcase. Had lots of snacks.

Monorail to MK, rode all the mountains late at night (pre mine train), and had more snacks.

The end.

One thing I liked about that route was you got to try all the different WDW forms of transport in one day too, which was fun.