4 Parks 1 Day in Aug

OK stealing idea from thread from last week…

How would you plan 4 parks 1 Day

Hours…CL Prediction
MK 9-10…5
EP 9-9…6
HS 9-830…5
AK 8EMH 9-6…7

Goal would be to do at least 1 headliner and few other attractions at each park. I am willing to use any tricks in the book including valet parking at the resorts or cabs.

Lets see what you have LINERS …

AK 8 to 11
Cab to HS 11 to 2
Walk to EP 2 - 6
Mono to MK 6-10

It would be exhausting though and you’d be spending 30 minutes to an hour for each hop.

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I like @Outer1’s plan, but I’m all about the food, so here are my tweaks:

  1. Bus or your car from hotel to AK in time for RD. AK 8-11 doing headliners at RD without FPPs
    Grab lunch to go at Flame Tree and eat in the cab/your car to HS
  2. HS 12-2:30 (figuring travel time) do FPPs here. FPP times of 12,1,2. Grab a cupcake from SR for your walk/boat to EP.
  3. EP 3-5:30 doing FW only. At this time crowds should be in WS so you should be able to do a headliner. Monorail to MK.
  4. MK 6-10 and try to get FPP #4 as soon as you get there. Otherwise ride headliners during parade. Grab a quick CS dinner and then finish the night at Jungle Cruise with a Dole Whip to go. Cab back to HS to pick up your car or bus back to your hotel.
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