4 park magic ticket or 4 day park hoppers or base tickets

Our family’s(kids are 6 and 8) first visit is the first week of May. I initially planned on 2 days at magic kingdom and skipping Hollywood Studios. I thought my biggest decision was going to be park hop or not, but now there’s this special ticket option. What do you Disney folks think. Save the money and only do one day in each park or spend 2 days in Magic Kingdom?

The new tickets MUST be used for EACH park, each day. You won’t be able to do 2 days in MK with the new magic tickets.

edited to add:
Differences for each:

4-day Magic Tickets: must visit each park once (MK, EP, HS, AK); one park per day, no hopping but you can go back and forth from the same park

4-day base tickets: you can go to whichever park you want for each of those days. If you want to do MK 4 days in a row, you can. No hopping, but you can go back and forth from the same park if you want.

4-day park hopper: go to any or all of the parks on any of your days. You can do all 4 in one day if you want. You can also still go back and forth from the same park in the same day.

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I think it would be hard to feel satisfied with one day in MK at that age, and wouldn’t trade an MK day for time in a park that didn’t really interest you to start with. I’d pay for the 4-day base ticket.

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I agree with @natalie_lawy

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For that age, you’ll want 2 days in MK.