4 or 5 in a 1brm bwv

I am torn. We have a 1brm booked in March. My DH, my 2 sons and me. One son is serious about his 6 yr girlfriend who is great(very easy going) and we have taken before(in a 2brm). I do not have enough points to upgrade to a 2 brm, and I am paying 2 nights cash as it is. Other son says to invite brothers girlfriend, we can bring an air mattress. Only really concerned about the 1 bath. What would you do? Thinking of requesting gound floor near bathrooms.

How much do you plan to be in the room, and would you be cooking meals in the kitchen? I would probably say save the points and money, and do the blow up mattress.

Open to moving resorts? Some 1 bedrooms have 2 bathrooms, like Kidani.


If I could do it for same amount I would consider BLT, but nervous w no monorail. Like BWV location

@lakyderks unknown at this point due to park hours, dining etc. Pre covid we ate out most meals, but used kitchen for evening snacks and some breakfasts. But could see me having to make some meals.

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The Kidani one bedrooms are a lot more spacious than other DVC one bedrooms, and 2 full baths. And a more separate full kitchen that is not the entry as in others.

But it is more remote, so that could be a trade-off

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