4 of our 5 days will be Grad Nights, wondering how they have been?

My family is doing a reunion at Disneyland June 6th-10th. 4 of our 5 days are Grad Nights. I’m not super worried (nothing I can do about it anyways:) but I’m curious how people’s experiences have been this year. Do I need to prepare my family for mass chaos? some of our family have never been before and I just want to help with their expectations!

We have seen great grad nights with really fun crowds of like-minded fans enjoying the park and also had a couple of awful experiences with poorly behaved grads so it really does depend on how many of the misbehaving ones you run into. Also, we have learned that from Spring break through end of June there is almost always some type of school groups as a lot of schools still go on an unofficial event (we were at the parks over the weekend of April 30-May 2 and it felt very much like a grad night type of crowd because there were a LOT of high school band/choral groups in matching t-shirts roaming the parks). Our biggest struggle is pushing our double stroller around if and when there are large groups of grads/teens just not paying attention in general and either stopping in the way or trying to run/weave through the crowds, especially the strollers.

The best advice is to hit the parks early and hit the headliners because less of the grad night crowd will be there early and once they do go they will most likely want to do headliners. Going that time of year, definitely no matter what I would prepare them for crowds! Grad nights or night, June is when summer break starts so crowds are there!

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