4 day tickets with plan to add days - FPP?

We have 4 day WPFM/ PH tickets. I’m thinking that we can reserve FFP for 4 days 60 days out from our trip. We are planning to add on 2 days to our tickets once we arrive- long story , group travel, etc. I am thinking of planning FPP for 2 MK days, 1 EP, and 1 DHS day. Right? We are going to AK but I’m thinking I can make those more last minute after we check in and add days to tickets. Does that seem to make sense?

Yes that makes sense. Of course the earlier you book your FPPs, the better, as far as availability goes. Good idea to save AK for the end of your trip though. That’s what I’d do in this circumstance.

Totally. Fantastic plan. When do you fit in the water park/s? Is that one if you’re added days?