4 Day plan?

We (4 adults) will be in Disneyland from October 1 - 6, staying at the GCV with days in the park the 2nd through the 5th for four days. The personalized plans only seem to take one day at a time and the premade plans seem to assume a day and a half? With the luxury of four full days, what is the best way to attack the plan? I’m an experienced Disneyworld visitor, with over 35 trips, so at this point when we do WDW, we tend to have a more relaxed approach. And even for this trip, with four days, I assume we don’t have to rush, but not having been to DL in 8 years, I’m using the plan more or less to make sure I hit the high points and a guide for when to get fastpasses and when the best time to hit a certain attraction would be. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

If you want to avoid making a personalized tour, you can use the Lines app on your phone to look at wait times and projections for the rest of the day.

If you want to make a personalized plan for the extra day, I love the Author’s Select Plan in Disneyland and adding some extra shows & atmosphere enjoyment to that easily turns it into a 2 day plan.

Disneyland has a lot of atmosphere that you can go back and enjoy with the time you have. For me, I like Animation Building & Carsland in DCA and Rivers of America/New Orleans Square & Fantasyland in DL.

A note on using TP for a guide of when to get FPs… This has been the most frustrating aspect of personalized TPs for me because the projections are never very good.

I save the Ask Otto # to my phone (714-520-7090) & use it in the park to help me keep my FPs on track. Call it & the automated wonder of Otto will give you information on any attractions with wait times & more accurate times on current FP distributions. That way, before I send a FP runner, I know I’m getting a window that is in my TP or that I can work into the TP. Ask Otto isn’t right spot on sometimes, but has been valuable the days that we are maximizing FPs.

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Thanks for that info. I never knew about Ask Otto. Will definitely keep that in mind.

Four days is an awesome trip to DLR. We were there for three days during April vacations with high crowds and we easily did everything we wanted (except see Aladdin because it kept getting cancelled in the afternoons, so I would advise to plan that must-see show for a morning early on in your trip just in case). As a WDW veteran of many visits and many years, I truly LOVED DL/DCA. I would suggest reading @bswan26’s blog - I don’t have the link handy, hopefully he can post it. I would also advise that you look over a current park map and read the TP descriptions of each attraction ahead of time.

Somebody put a link to his blog in another topic, so thanks for the recommendation. And great suggestion to see Aladdin early. I didn’t know it was prone to getting cancelled.

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