30 minute Morning Extra Magic Hours

So I am trying to figure out just how much of an advantage this is going to be and how logistically they are going to pull it off.

Lets take DHS for example:

9am park opening. on site guests are let in and on a ride by 8:20?

That’s gives you 40 minutes head start before they start tapping in the first off site guests. That would probably be enough time for Slinky, then maybe both ToT and RnR.

What percentage of a normal rope drop crowd is staying on site? I am not sure but I’d guess 60%? If I am right, maybe you could sneak in line for a 4th ride before many off-siters make it into the park.

Anyway, I feel like this can be a pretty big advantage come 10/1. We shall see. Thoughts?

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So what time are you presuming they let on-site guests in?

I’m thinking through the gates at 8:10-8:15? Does that seem reasonable?

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I think that is a pretty accurate assumption.

Depending on seasonal variables and who you talk to, 25-50% of park guests stay on-site. But of course not all of them RD.

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Is it a fair assumption that 25-50% of the normal RD crowd would be participating in the extra 30 minutes? I suppose it’s possible that the % of RD crowd that stays on site is different from the % of total crowd that stays on site. Like, maybe budget people are more likely to stay off site, and are also more likely to RD to make the most of their money? Or conversely, maybe people who stay on site are more likely to be dedicated Disney people who would be willing to RD? (And can get there earlier in the first place.)


Everyone will be following the initial reports pretty closely. Hopefully 30 minutes means closer to an hour.

I’d bet that the key will be (as it was with EMH) to be in line waiting to get in on time - which means 30 minutes to an hour BEFORE the gate open for on-site guests. If you show up 30 minutes prior to regular park open and think you’ll have the park to yourself, you’ll find out pretty quickly you’re not very special AT ALL.

For DHS, I’d assume 2 of those rides would easily be do-able if you get there on time. 3 would be a hopeful stretch, but you would still probably have a low wait time for the third. The issue would be walk time to/from TSL and the wait times of a couple minutes per attraction adding up. You will NOT be the only one there, so thinking everything will be a walk on is a mistake. If you are one of the first ppl in, then you’ll have one walk on. Time will be precious, VERY precious, so being at the front of the line will mean a lot. Other people will know this also. I’d probably go with: SDD, RNR, then try for TOT twice.

I’ve always assumed that people TRY to get there early, but life happens, and they arrive late, or, they just assume that the park will be empty the entire time, so they show up casually without making the effort to be there on time. You have to be ready to rock on time like a warrior. My fam is all early risers, so the early am is no big deal for us. On the contrast, we’re usually zombied out by early evening, but we’re ok with that.


I would think at least half of the on-siters would take advantage of ETPE? But it’s anyone guess. Small children, those that aren’t morning people, among other things is a reason to not start early. That can amount to a fairly large number of people I’m sure.

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My dd and I will be doing Early Entry at AK on the morning of October 1st. The CL is predicted to be a 3.

Park opening is scheduled for 8:00am so Early Entry will be at 7:30am. I have my Touring Plan for the day starting at 7:15am. At this point I am planning on arriving at 6:45am (or whenever the first Poly bus gets us there).

Currently our plan for DHS (10/3) is to arrive at 7:45am, TP starts at 8:15 for an 8:30am Early Entry.

I am toying with the idea of two RNRCs and a TOT with a shot at SDD later in the day, or SDD then book it over to RNRC and TOT. RNRC is dd’s favorite so I am trying to maximize her riding time. :slight_smile:

We are fully prepared to be the guinea pigs when it comes to figuring out this new Early Entry!!


Thanks for being the guinea pigs. I like your plans for DHS either way you choose to go about it. If/when they announce fast pass stuff it could obviously change how we attack the parks. Good luck and have a great trip!

For onsite guests, don’t the Deluxe resorts get to stay late as well? I know I would rather stay late after park closing than be up at the crack of dawn to rope drop so maybe the early entry crowd will be more skewed towards moderate/value folks? Our trip is not until December so I’ll be watching the experience of others closely!

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Mornings seem to be everyday and the evenings a couple of days a week.

Yes but initially Extended Evening Hours are only Mondays at Epcot and Wednesdays at MK.

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OK so if we exclude AK closing times for some animal reason, of the three remaining parks, those with fireworks have EEH.

So, I wonder if the lack of EEH at DHS is connected in any way to the delayed return/absence of Fantasmic!?


That is an interesting theory and one that I would say is likely correct. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Fantasmic! is close to opening, so might be 2022 until we find out.

So if one wasn’t using the evening hours, Tuesdays and Thursdays might be the best early entry days (because the owls might sleep in)?

Except possibly Epcot, because the owls might plan to do that as the latest opener after a late night?

:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: #LetsOverthinkThis


Absolutely. Or if one isn’t able to use it.


I’d be willing to be that the extra evening hours are going to be super low crowds. We shall see.


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