30% discounts at Swan & Dolphin for AP holders and FL residents

No dates given although the T&Cs say there are blackout dates and the offer is limited.


The special offers page also has 25% off for Seniors aged 62 or older, plus deals for Teachers / School Support staff and Medics and related professions and Military & Law Enforcement.


I was just going to post this! I didn’t known if it was new, or I had just missed it before as I just stumbled across it. I just booked for my December dayes and got the discoint at Swan. Those nights weren’t available for Dolphin.

The rate was much better than the AAA rate.

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It should be 5% better. AAA rate says it is 25% off. AP is 30% off. Not sure what that amounts to in real dollars.

Like Disney - I think they have a certain amount of rooms in different categories and price points for different deals - so the pure “percentage off” can’t really be calculated.

Last night, I took the last room with an AP discount, priced at $319 for my dates (includes resort fee but not tax). I know this because they “hold” your reservation for 15 mins while you book it. I couldn’t get that price back when I accidentally navigated away, until 15 mins was up and the room I was holding went back into inventory. Then I booked it at the cheaper rate. Now only that higher rate I saw is being quoted for APs - $343.

I had been tracking AAA prices for awhile. Their cheapest rate is prepay/King (I got two Queens) for $351. The normal AAA rate (no prepay) is $385. The normal AAA for two Queen is $400 a night.

So that is a 15% differnece on today’s AP rate for a queen room. What I booked last night was 21% better.

Note - there are no Kings available under the AP.rate, and no rooms at the Dolphin - for my weekend.

Ugh. I hate that kind of thing. It is borderline false advertising.

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So frustrating. But I am used to it because of what I have been going through with Disney. I qualify for 3 different discounts standard 25% off, D+ 35% off and AP 35% off.

Same resort, same dates has different inventory depending on which “deal” you are using. So I could only book AS Movies preferred under D+, not AP.

If I recall, at least any variation is price could at least be accounted for by differences in what room category was available. Prices have gone up as rooms are booking up - but that is fair.


Nice, just save $193 on a 3 night stay in August


You know, I just had a brilliant idea…and it won’t cost any of you ANY extra money (beyond what you were already willing to pay). That is, any money you save by rebooking using a discount…send me, in cash. I’ll collect it all and then pay for myself to take another trip! :wink:


Sure no problem, the check is in the mail. Keep an eye out for it


I use this strategy, except for my own trips :joy:

In October I will ne trying to get Guest Services to switch my unused Incredipass for a sorcer’s pass (in exchange for Disney credit). That will determine whehtwr I stay at AS Movies or Swan in December!