30 days out offsite,do fastpass first or make a touring plan?

30 days out starts tomorrow. 7 days of tickets. should I pick a premed touring plan first or wait till I get the fast passes first?


Personally, I would wait and see what FPPs you can get. A TP will make suggestions for which ones to get and at what time, but there’s no guarantee that at 30 days you would necessarily get them. But don’t give up if you aren’t successful finding ones immediately. Check back often and refresh often. It’s amazing what can show up.

Sounds good!

And you pretty much already know what FP’s are priority and some general guidelines for timing anyway : headliners mid morning.

This is what I got so far;
Mission Space 1015am
The seas w Nemo 1215
FEA 320pm for 7 people.

Good start, what else did you get?

That’s it so far, as far as I understand it since I’m staying offsite I have to wait till tomorrow morning to book the next day and that’s what the calendar had indicated in my Disney experience

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Yup. Day by day when you’re offsite.

Which park are you booking tomorrow?

We have a garden grill breakfast ADR at 8:10 AM that morning. Soren and test track were also available but we figured we would do soarin after breakfast. I’ve also been able to modify frozen ever after to 1:15 PM so that I can use it sooner this is our first trip there and we are very excited


Hooray for modify!

Hollywood studios

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I had a general idea of what parks on what days, and knew the FP that I wanted to get (But we were only there 3 days and one park a day). Then made the TP around what I got. I modified almost every one of those FP’s between that 30 days and 1 day. LOL

Animal kingdom on day three then the next day as a rest day

Hollywood studios day we are booked for the Star Wars desert party that evening. The next day at animal Kingdom we have Tiffans is booked for dinner at 6 PM for river of light package.

Is there an easy way to post my fastpass selections for feedback/evaluation?

You could screen shot and share.

Or you could make your touring plan public and share that.

I’ll try screenshot. Haven’t put together a TP yet was waiting to get FPP.

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We’ll be ready :slight_smile: