3 people, one big backpack or 3 small drawstring packs?

i want everyone to carry their own stuff in a small draw string backpack. My only worry is that there will be 3 packs to keep track of instead of one. (me, my wife, and our 9 year old son) Do you use one larger one, or small for each person? im 29 days out from our trip. thanks.

Definitely 3 smaller ones. It is much easier to handle on rides. Waist packs are even better.

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So far, I have carried one big backpack. I call myself the pack mule. I know DH will tell me he doesn’t need to carry anything and then will complain when it rains and he has no poncho and will come up with a headache that requires aspirin or some other nonsense. And I always worried about DS complaining it was too heavy or forgetting it somewhere.

For my June trip, however, we are going with 3 smaller backpacks. DS9 will finally carry his own along with Nephew (13) and Mom. I will relish the freedom of not being the pack mule. (And I know I could have done this long ago - but I am a people pleaser by nature and the complaining from the group has a big time effect on my happiness while I am at my happy place so I did it to have a better time - I’m purposefully testing this out without DH since he is the biggest complainer of all!).


My family is myself, DH, and DS (15) and DD (12) and we have always just done one bag. We found a small mesh backpack that is very light weight and doesn’t seem to be a bother to whoever carries it. We tried a drawstring bag on a previous trip and found those strings to be uncomfortable on our shoulders even when there wasn’t very much in the bag. Maybe it’s because my children are getting older, but we’ve found that we need to carry less and less in the parks now anyway. So, that one small lightweight backpack works for us.


I carry a slightly larger pack myself, DW is always looking for a better one. We got kids these sling bags, which were great!

Was nice for people to take care of their own things. Only thing I insisted on was that we all put our magic bands in a zipbag in my backpack every night, since there was no way I was forgetting my pack each day and I could see MBs going missing. Found one in the sheets first trip.

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Drawstring backpacks rub your shoulders raw. I hate them. I vote for one larger backpack or three small traditional ones. But no to the drawstring. That’s for bringing small bits of things poolside only IMO




I love those sling bags, JJ

DD carries her own small bag now (purse), and I have my Vera Cross body. DH doesn’t carry anything. DS might do well with one of those sling bags!


Actually, I’m going to amend my answer. Lately, we’ve been purposely buying cargo shorts/pants. This has eliminated any need to carry bags at all. When on vacation, we aren’t there for style! I usually have my key, phone, wallet, emergency poncho, sunblock, etc. All fit nicely in my cargo pockets.


my wife gets cold really easy, lol. so bringing a light sweater for morning/evenings, and snacks and water is the only reason i would need any backpack at all. what about a drawstring pack with super soft strings, like the under armour ones?

I would still not do it. I don’t think it’s the softness of the strings, but the narrowness. I think you’re better off with a small backpack, large purse, or sling bag like JJT posted. I made the mistake of using a drawstring bag one time (not even at WDW, and not even for a lot of hours) and I will never do it again!

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This is true. To me the drawstring backpacks only really work well if you have VERY light things to carry, otherwise those narrows cords just dig into you. I’ve used them before, but prefer something with a wider strap. I like waist packs instead if I have to carry something that wouldn’t fit in my cargo shorts!

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I just bought 2 back packs to put on the back of the ECVs I made sure they have side pockets to hold bottles or our refillable mugs. I’m also getting small pad locks. This way they can’t be open by others. I’ll but the keys with the ECV key this way I’ll have them around my wrist on rides.

I wouldn’t be lulled into a false sense of security by those locks. For them to fit in the zipper pulls they will have to be small. If i were a thief that would be no deterrent at all - in fact I might be more inclined to swipe the whole bag, figuring a lock signifies valuable stuff inside. Then I’d just slit the bag with a knife.

Take your valuables with you - every time.

I see your point

Thank You

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Sling bags were better than I thought they’d be for $15 and still very useful when taking local trips.


Great photo for size reference! How old is said child, and how tall, if I may ask?

My DS is 10 and is about 4ft7in I think

My kids started carrying their own bags at around 5-6yo. Back then the online Disney Store had a great, tiny messenger bag that was perfect…and you could personalize it too!

We are headed back to the parks this summer and I picked up this bag for our youngest, now 12yo. He is really excited that he can wear it either across his chest or on his back.


How expensive/inconvenient is it to use the lockers at the parks?

Not too expensive, but not that convenient either - located at front of each park which can be quite a hike. I suppose if you planned accordingly in your touring it might not be bad.

There are short term lockers at Kali River Rapids too in AK, but limited to a certain amount of time.

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