3 or 4 Wheeled Mobility Scooter Best for Parks?

This is probably a weird thing to be asking but we have never rented one before. My son-in-law has a foot injury from his time in the military and normally avoids using scooters and wheelchairs as much as possible because it was so frustrating for him learning to walk again. Disney World is just so much walking, though, and he has finally said it might be better to have the scooter than miss out on any of the fun. Due to his avoidance we have no idea if a 3 or 4 wheeled scooter would be better for the parks?

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I love your avatar! And thank your son-in-law for his service. I have no idea about scooters, though. Hope you have a great time.

This is going to sound funny but from what was explained to me the 3 wheeled ECVs are more stable. The 4 wheel ECVs can tip while turning and moving on inclined terrain. I rent from [https://www.scootorlando.com] They have ECVs that last over 12 hours on a single charge and they start at $25 a day and if you want I have a code to save 10% if you rent 3 days or more. Also the 3 wheel ECVs use less energy and last longer.

This actually makes some sense given how small and compact they are. Kind of like a car with a short wheel base on turns. I would be very grateful for the code. If you don’t want to put it out here you can message it to me here on the forum. And thank you!

Thank you! I love your avatar, too! :slight_smile:

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The code is no secret it is a FB code that you get for joining their FB. The code is FB10-19

Ah thank you! I didn’t really know. Sometimes companies are cagey with their discount codes. :smiley:

No problem They are a good company I have used them twice and no problems with them at all. If you have any questions about ECVs you can always ask me. We have rented twice and both time we rented 2 ECVs.

Hello, from one military family to another! :wave:

First, if you aren’t already familiar with it, you should check out https://www.militarydisneytips.com/, lots of great info there for military families. We used their code to rent an ECV a couple of years ago (can’t remember the name of the company, they have ads on the site though) if you want to compare rates.

As for a 3 or 4 wheel, I’d say go with the 3 wheel, easier to maneuver on/off the buses IMO. Have fun!!