3 mk days

any recommendations for how to split up three full days at magic kingdom? best way to split up the different areas? have a four year old and six year old who love princesses


I can’t remember the last time I spent 3 days in MK (1 1/2 is my usual max). A lot of your plans will depend on whether you doing only things for your DDs, or if you plan on doing the “adult” things like the coasters. I would plan your first day around FL. You can probably get most of that done between RD and early afternoon (i.e before your break). AL would be a realistic area to go to in the PM for things like the JC, POC, Aladdin’s Carpets, and maybe the Tiki Room. I believe there is also a Jasmine M&G there.

All of the Princesses are in the FoF parade, which is at 3:00 PM. This is difficult for a day with a mid-day break, so you may want to plan that for your second day with either a late start or an early end.

FrL has BTMRR, Splash, and CBJ. The DDs may not be “up” to the first 2, and may find CBJ boring (although I love it, for nostalgic reasons). If they’re "outdoorsy"types, they might enjoy playing around on TSI. LS has the HM which is really a “must do” (and not scary), the HOP which would bore them to tears (although you might really enjoy it) and the new Muppet outdoor show which is getting good reviews). There’s also the Riverboat which is relaxing. TL has SM which is probably too intense for the DDs, Buzz which is fun, even if they don’t “get” the “game” aspect of it, Stich (which may be closed, and even if it’s open is terrifying for kids and a waste of time for adults, and the Laugh Floor which is entertaining. They may enjoy the speedway (you won’t), and the Astro Orbitor may be a bit intense for them; it’s up ona rfaised platform and is faster than Dumbo. I guess this a long way of saying these three lands may be of limited interest to your DDs.

A couple of things to keep in mind if they are Frozen fans. You can ONLY meet Anna and Elsa in EP, and the Frozen ride is located there. Several of the other princesses do M&Gs there as well. If you don’t have an EP day planned, You might want to trade an MK day for an EP one.

If you already have an EP day planned and will be spending 3 days in MK, I would do a detailed plan for the first 2 days, and leave the 3rd open for redoing favorites; make FPPs for things that youu pretty much “know” they will want to do again.

We also do 3MK days. I usually do Fantasy land and tomorrow land one day with a good afternoon break and back for fireworks. Day two is the other side: Frontierland, adventure land, and the parade. The third day is for repeating favorites and working in any must dos that we missed.