3 littles, 2 parents, 1 MNSSHP

Ok help me manage my expectations. We are a family of 5: DD7, DS5, DS4 plus DH and yours truly, heading to Halloween party 10/30 anticipating sold out (or near) crowd. Planning to arrive at 4 pm with FPP secured. Priorities are:

  1. Meet Moana
  2. Meet 7 Dwarves (DS4 calls them “hi-yos” :wink:
  3. Parade
  4. Fireworks
  5. Trick or treating
  6. Rides

Will we actually have time to ride rides beyond our initial FPP with these priorities? We will have a rest day all day leading into party so planning to close it down. Just wondering if those character meets will eat up all our time. Ok with that just trying to plan if I do 2 other MK days to compensate. Right now planning 1 other MK day (rope drop, rest, then close it down). Have a flex day and was thinking would do DHS twice bc TSL and my kids are obsessed. We don’t have hoppers. So the big question is should I make that flex day a MK or DHS day? (Flex day could be 10-27 or 11/2). Hope this all makes sense! Thanks!

F/u ?: I have regular tix from UCT if I go on my last day with my last ticket would Disney upgrade that one ticket to a hopper? That may solve my delima… not sure it’s doable though.

You can upgrade your ticket to a hopper at any time but it costs a fixed price so if you think you might need it you would be best doing it on your first day so that you’ve got the option all the way through. I haven’t done a party so can’t answer those questions.

Thanks @missoverexcited that may end up a good option for us.

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Hi-yos??? Bwahahahahahaha, I love that! I may have to steal that @zetafivealpha

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Concerning the plan:

For 7D hi-yos you’ll want to get in line well before the party starts. Most recommend around 5pm. They are an in-demand, rare group and the line gets crazy. Moana has had quite a draw but I cannot speak to how long you’ll wait there.

With only 2 adults and 3 kiddos, its going to be tough to do rides and wait also. The 7yo could ride alone but the other two must be accompanied and the 7yo doesn’t count for that purpose. I think you may have to choose between the Hi-yos and the pre-party rides.

Parade, fireworks, and trick or treat will all be a breeze after meeting the Hi-yos, even with a big crowd.

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It is adorable! :heart_eyes:

OK this is good intel. Do you happen to know if Characters meet until the parties are over? Wondering if we go for Hi-yos first - do party things - then try for Moana. At this point I will prob. do an additional day at MK just to be sure we have it all covered.

and I just re-read that I typed dh4 instead of dS that kind of makes me laugh even more :joy:

I believe they all do meet until the party ends. It probably is wise to do Moana a little later - we passed by her on our way to do some TorT in Adventureland and the line didn’t seem too long then. This was before the 9pm parade that was delayed for rain, so we probably passed her right about 9?

Well, sometimes even the best DHs can be “4” :wink:

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You might try and get some rides in during the first parade if you plan on doing just the second parade. But we loved the parade and were super glad that we watched both. The second one gets quite empty and we got great “seats” but your DS4 may not make it! (I was 50/50 at 30.)

I agree with others that the strategy for no lines on characters seems to mean getting in line around 5ish which gives you pretty limited options for FP+. And also still ultimately means waiting an hour.

I just figured you’d been married for 4 years! Jajajaja

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