3 kids under 7 - only 2 adults

Hi! We’re heading to Disney in April for our first ever trip with children. My B/G twins will be 6 and DS 5. They will have very few height restrictions. My concern is are their any rides that we will not be able to sit 3 across? (1) Adult with (2) kids We will not have another adult to pair my kids with and everything says if they are under 7 they cannot ride in a seat by themselves. Anybody went through this recently? I’d appreciate any tips or what to ask CMs…

We went last April with a DD2, DS4 and DS6. We were able to use rider swap a couple times on rides DS2 was not able to go . For Seven Dwarves, DS4 and DS6 were able to sit in the seat in front of me. On Big Thunder Mountain we were able to fit 3 across. Hope this helps some.

Your twins are 7 right?

The twins will still be only 6 when we are in Disney. They turn 7 a few months later.

Wdwprepschool.com has a page where it shows what the ride cars are like for every ride. I don’t remember if it’s in the members only section or the public section. I didn’t need it because we had 6 adults for our 4 kids since we were lucky enough to have grandparents along. But it looked to be super helpful if I had needed it! If you’re not too worried about planning ahead, I would ask the first CM at the entrance of the ride if the 3 of you (indictate yourself and 2 of the kids) will fit in one car. If they say no, ask for rider swap. Good luck!

Thanks! That’s a great tip. I’ll check it out.

Wow, your 4 and 6 yr old go on BTMR? I’m debating whether my 10 year old will?! And I thought no for my 7 year old. No idea!

They did not like BTMR. I think it was to “jerky” for them. We had rode 7 Dwarves earlier and they had liked that, so we thought we would give BTMR a try.

That is good information @ewturner I’ve been wondering if my kids will be willing to try various rides like the roller coasters. They are pretty rough and tumble but we’ve never done any types of rides with them.

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I was suggesting that if they ask say they are 7. At least if they seem to do fine together on 2 person rides and are mature enough.

My 4 and 6 year old girls were fine on all the rides that they met the height requirement for in terms of physical impact. Did not try them on Tower of Terror. Some were a bit scary for the 4 year old at first like Dinosaur. Maybe just start them off slow. For Space the age requirement is 3. Not that I would do that.