3 kids 1 adult on rides

Which rides at the 4 parks will this be an issue with? 1 of the kids is 9. The other two are 6 and 4(40" rides and below). I was reading that we may have some issues with a ride like Splash Mountain or Barnstormer(maybe even slinky?) since the 6 year old cannot sit with the 9 year old?

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I’m not 100% but I believe any ride with a height limit requires that kids less than 48” have an adult. Barnstormer definitely did which led to some issues for us.

When I rode SDD with my two girls, they were ok with them riding together and me behind them.
I can’t recall the barnstormer age/height rules. In 2017, the 3 of us went together. In 2018, they wouldn’t even let the 3 of us past the entrance. We had to switch off, one adult and one child.

This is my first Disney trip with kids - wasn’t even thinking about that being an issue! We have 3 kids, and I had just figured my oldest (who will be 9) would be able to sit by himself, and then my husband and I could each sit with one of the younger kids (6 and 5). Glad I saw this thread - using rider-swap will change up my TP’s, for sure :woman_facepalming:t2:

Your oldest can sit by themselves. The age limit is 7 for being able to sit/ride solo.

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This article is ancient, but still helpful. Anyone know of an updated discussion on this?

Thanks, that helps for most of the rides (obviously there are new ones to deal with, especially at HS). I did find another article from 2014: Hollywood Studios Attraction Vehicles and Seating: A Disney World Guide | TouringPlans.com Blog
but still a little outdated.

When we went in December, they were asking for my DS7’s age in order for him to sit with my DS9. 7 was okay, 6 was not.

Yes someone under 7 has to sit with someone 14 or above.