3 days at Magic Kingdom - FastPass

As we are first time visitors we are going to spread our time at Magic Kingdom over three days. This will allow us to select 9 FastPass over the three days. What attractions do others recommend we use our FastPass for?

Ages? Will the mountains be a priority? Dates? Will Big Thunder be open during your stay?

Husband and daughter who is just of 48inches so we are looking to do almost everything. We are there 11 to 25 June.

Space Mountain
Splash Mountain
Thunder Mountain
Buzz Lightyear
A&E meet & greet
Jungle Cruise
Peter Pan

You could substitute Haunted Mansion for one of the above if you choose.

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I would have almost the same list: Space, Splash, Big Thunder, 7DMT, Peter Pan, any meet and greets you want. Some of the others (HM, PoC,Jungle) are easier to get. You could double book some of the harder FPs (7DMT, PP early in the day) in case you want to do them twice and then change them day of to the easier ones.


I’d try to get Story Time with Belle in there too, if you’re interested; I’d much rather know I could get in a certain show and plan around it than trust standby.


Agreed. This is an underrated must-do.

I think I would repeat 7DM & another of the big ones instead of Buzz & Pirates. You can always swap your FP to them when you are there, but you won’t be able to get an extra 7DM.

Thanks for all the advice. I just booked day one and managed to get Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain and Buzz at the times we wanted. 7DMT was already gone, but with the way our fastpass are scheduled we can rope drop for 7DMT.

Thanks again

RD isn’t always helpful for 7DMT. You really need to be right at the front of the crowd and rush straight there, because that’s what everyone else is doing! You may be better riding it late on, or maybe during parades or fireworks.