3 day trip planned - will we be able to ride Tron?

Please, a quick opinion from the experts - my wife & I have a 3 day trip coming up May 6-8 staying at Pop -last 2 days flip flopping with EP & HS(getting park hoppers) taking advantage of skyliner -initial first day plan was AM early entry arrival at AK riding Flight of Passage, Safari, Everest, Dinosour & possibly a show before lunch and then MK at night. The dilemma/question is, don’t we have to have a park reservation for MK to enter the virtual queue for Tron? Is there any way possible to ride Tron if you are park hopping to MK in the afternoon? That particular day MK is open until 11:00 so that is part of the reason we made it our evening park. Should we switch the reservation and make MK the am park and then AK for pm if we want to ride Tron? (I guess we would have to pay extra for Flight in the evening at AK because of the lines?)

Yes - you can purchase an individual lightning lane and select your time to ride.

If you don’t want to pay, you will probably need to switch your APR to MK or hope that the 1pm Virtual Queue is still open at 2pm when you hop to MK.


What @NervousRex said.


Thanks so much, I thought since it was a new ride it was nothing but a non-stop virtual queue all day and night and no LL

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It’s not on Genie+ which is your normal LL but you can buy the individual Lightning Lane.


Oh no - they’ll take your money :money_with_wings:


Indeed they will :slight_smile:

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Has this been tracked? Has that happened, or when do the 1 pm VQ drops go immediately so far?

The only report I’ve seen is from someone who got one at 1.04. Thrill Data might be tracking it.

Thanks–decided to hunt to answer my own question! From Thrill Data:

If I read that correctly, VQ has been available past 2 for the last couple of days.


Looks right to me! on 4/15 and 4/16, 1pm VQ lasted til approx 2:30pm.

Those were very low crowds, however, and may not be representative of OP’s dates. If looking for certainty I’d recommend $ILL.


Definitely agree! Just wondering what the possibilities are.