2x Family Room Suggestions WDW 2020

Hi All!

Looking to start planning the return journey to WDW in 2020 except this time we will be traveling in tow with another couple and their child too. We are effectively going to Hawaii on the way from Australia for a wedding, then looking to continue on to (possibly) WDW for a bit of a holiday.

When we we last we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and were utterly enthralled by the hotel and would love to stay there again, BUT we are open to all sorts of suggestions and advice! (including but not limited to alternate destination stays and repurchase of Vacation club points)

Basically we are going to be 4 adults and 2 Juniors (both will be about 8 at the time) and possibly a toddler or two in tow if the planning ends up working out! We would be looking to share accommodation or link up rooms to save a bit of cash and make things easier. I believe it will be around the sept/oct timeframe (dates are not yet in stone) and we do want to look at staying on site.

Can anyone give any random suggestions about what they think would suit, or experiences that might help with my decision making or direction?

How much “personal space” would you be looking for? Would you want each family to be able to have their own area to go to at night, where you can close the door and have some time to yourselves? Or perhaps you would want some sort of arrangement where the kids are all together in their own room?

I guess another way of looking at it is what would be your ideal arrangement, and what would be your minimum arrangement? That way we can come up with suggestions with pros and cons.