2pm parade time

So we are planning to be at MK for 2 full days and MNSSHP 8/19-8/26. Planning to take afternoon breaks (3 girls 8,5,2). Now that the parade was moved to 2pm, I don’t know if we can make it. Planning to be out of park during that time. Is it worth it to go early on party night? Crazy right?

I love that parade, I would try to make it happen. Can you adjust your break time one day to fir it in? Break after the parade and come back for the evening?

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The parade was one of the highlights of our trip as well. We typically take a break in the middle of the day, but I will make sure we have at least one day in the park at that time so we can see the parade. I wouldn’t miss it!

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I think we are going to change our dinner plans for our first day to lunch maybe at CP and stay for the parade. We will just head back to the hotel early that night. Thanks for the advice.

So… Should I try for Crystal Palace (never eaten there before), or Tony’s with the preferred seating package for the parade? Decisions Decisions. Thanks so much everyone for your help. I have been about a half dozen times, but this is my first time using Touring Plans and I am slightly obsessed.

Also can you see the parade from inside Crystal Palace if timed right? And when would be a target time?

No, not more than a glimpse. There are seats by the windows at the front, but it’s far back from the parade route, and there are bench seats right outside for those waiting. I would think the whole deck area outside will be filled with people standing to see the parade.

When did they change the parade time to 2 pm ? It still lists as 3 pm on their website.

Once the Not so scary party starts they have moved the parade to 2pm. The park will be closing those days at 6pm to non-party guests instead of 7pm as in the past.

The calendar on the Disney site shows the 2pm time for all days from 25th August, the date of the first party.