2PM parade effect on showtimes

Starting in August sometime, I think the 20th, the parade is moving to a 2pm start time. I am assuming that this will change the schedule of others shows. Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire clearly can’t be at 2pm. The Muppet Show in Liberty square, the Main street shows like Philharmonic etc.

Right now, it doesn’t look like any times where changed in the touring plans. I’m trying to guess, but I don’t know if just one show time will change or the whole schedule.

Is there any hope for having a schedule before the first day of the parade?

I feel so frustrated trying to plan without all of the info. (frustrated with Disney, not Touring Plans) Surely WDW has thought about and has an actual plan in place. Can’t they share it so I can pick my meals and fast passes at the right times so that I can see these shows?

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I believe TP uses historic times for some stuff, since afaik you don’t see times for things like the Muppets on the WDW site, just on the park leaflets. The actual shows will get added to the WDW site but nearer the time and are often changed. It’s always been the case.

I would use the current times e.g. The friendship Fayre show will probably still be at 10. Just avoid scheduling anything between 1 and 3:30 and you should be fine. They’ll probably just shift things back an hour after 1pm. Use evaluate to move them if your plan uses one of the doubtful times.

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It is frustrating. I agree. On the bright side, it gives us a chance to fiddle with plans the week before our trips! I suspect there will be a big crowd calendar adjustment at some point before late August, because more data is coming in as summer unfolds. That will change the TP times anyway, so staying flexible is essential. It’s better to know things, even if the info comes out last minute, than to be caught flat-footed on the day. (In my opinion)

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